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By Iceman
The Redhill Tiger Club days were before my time, I wished I'd been there.

My first aircraft engineer was supposed to be on the flight ion which Neil Williams was killed.

Iceman 8)
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By MichaelP
The Redhill Tiger Club days were before my time, I wished I'd been there.

Those of us who were there in those days were highly privileged to have been so lucky in life.
It was freedom that few can imagine in today's controlled environment.


Neil was the boss when I joined.

I was told that "You'll never be accepted in the Tiger Club", but I got my two signatures and joined.
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By john ball
Yes, the Tiger Club days at Redhill were the best flying days of my life. The two who signed my papers to join were Fred Marsh ( Pie in the Sky Rollason Beta ) and thanks Mike Peare ( Rollason Condor ). A great privilege to join that club.
Neil was killed flying a Heinkel 111 back from Spain - CFIT . What a waste !
Actually went to Redhill the other day by car --- the Cafe does very good homemade cakes. Would love to be based there again but still soggy in winter even with access to 'new' hard runway ! Also even more expensive hangar prices than Biggin for my RV6 !! ---- Maxi Gainza took me for a low level aerobatic flight in his ZLIN over 26/08. Such a gentle smooth aircraft with a beautiful sound. Nowadays the wreck of ZLIN G-AWAR would be rebuilt ? What happened to the airframe ?