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A bit of a long shot, but was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about the former Canterbury/Dunkirk Airfield near Canterbury, Kent.

From what I can see (from above) the airstrip is largely still there but is no longer used. I understand from others that the former owner was involved in a fatal accident there and that was the end of it.

What I have heard may well be incorrect. The lack of local airfields has got me thinking and I would love to explore the opportunity of reusing this site. There are very very few neighbours and it is adjacent to the A2.
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By Flying_john
Nearest ones really are Mystole - out the back of Chartham, Maypole, Clipgate or Bekesbourne.
I landed there once many years ago. It was a good length gravel strip with a caravan at the dual carriageway end. There is a short drive off the carriageway with a farmers gate at the top. A few years ago I had a look in there as I was passing and nothing much seemed to have changed but no sign of any flying. I landed over the carriageway and it was billed as one way in, I seem to recall the approach over the forest from the opposite direction would have been more interesting with the runway rising towards the carriageway. It is a shame it closed albeit as it was never licensed I guess it is a matter for the land owners.

Maypole is the nearest as far as I know and very pleasant too, albeit doubtless very wet at the moment.
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By Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
I think the Police use the site for training. I often see police vehicles there during the week. It's on my list of potential forced landing locations, but wouldn't use it from choice. Last time in there was for a fly-in October 1996.
By What is a PA-16?
Flying_john wrote:Nearest ones really are Mystole - out the back of Chartham, Maypole, Clipgate or Bekesbourne.

Mystole? any idea of co-ordinates so I can look it up on Google Earth?
I flew into it 4 times many years ago. As I recall it was convex in shape and the surface was asphalt with lots of loose gravel. The guy who owned it lived in a caravan on sight. You always landed uphill, and took off uphill-- hit the peak and gathered speed downhill to take off. The owner promised to give you a canterbury airfield mug if you visited twice.. I actually was handed one but it cracked on use.
Not many people risked 2 visits.
It closed--I believe --after someone didn"t get up enough speed and crunched onto the motorway.
I guess you could call it challenging--I would rate Nayland as more challenging in the challenging scale.
By What is a PA-16?
Wow that is short, just measured it on google earth, not quite 200m. Also not shown as an airstrip on google earth so I guess it's either newer than the google map, or gone now.

halfmil wrote:Not sure how much runway you're looking for, but Chartham Hatch is closer to Dunkirk.
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By Flying_john
I have walked the one at Mystole and flown over, but never seen anyone there.

The one at the Hatch is about 190metres and only suitable for microlights or gyros.
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By Dodo
I discovered leaves in my undercarriage after landing a PA-17 Vagabond at Canterbury ( having approached "over" the trees). :pale: