Group flying opportunities & questions
Having owned the Breezer outright for the last four years, I think it's now time to share the joy of just being able to turn up and fly your aeroplane with someone else :-)

It's an incredibly benign day tourer, kept in a metal hangar at a grass strip S of Leighton Buzzard. The furthest places I've taken it to date are Friedrichshafen and Bordeaux.

BRS equipped: 357kg empty / 600kg all up. (Viv and I can always go full-fuel, full-bags, full-stomachs ;-). Anyone up to about 6'2" and 15st should be alright - 100kg seat limit.

Picture here:
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By Jude098
lol Pete

Just wish I was nearer Leighton Buzzard.
By SimonM
New link on a great aircraft (wish he was in based in Norfolk)

I'll leave Pete to supply the info on costs.
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By Pete L
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What are the costs?

Current hull value's around £60K - the oldest one is on AT Aviation's site at the moment for a little less, but that doesn't have a BRS.

But not necessarily looking for a full half share or even equity.

I've done various spreadsheets for combinations of equity and non-equity. Fixed costs are roughly:
£4000 annual and bits - the odd new tyre and other wearable stuff
£1200 insurance
£1700 hangarage

I assume 20L planning, UL91 - so around £35/hr variable.

At 100 hours a year, assume something like £110 an hour or so for wet no-equity - its whether the Rotax 100hr check is needed or not. Obviously less if we can get the utilisation up to 150-200, but I reckon that would be pushing it.

(And Simon - thanks for editing and being nice about the a/c :thumright: )
Having now found a 2nd possible careful owner, we think the ideal number for a group for this aircraft is three.

As previous, it's basically a day tourer - easy to fly, non-aerobatic, good visibility but you can't truck that much stuff around or eat too many pies. Think MG Midget of the skies, albeit a bit more technologically advanced.

Being made of out of finest German Bacofoil, it's structurally simple but nowhere near as robust as a C152 - so favours a gentle touch.
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It's not what I want (I like a bit of night and IMC) but I did get to fly this aeroplane recently (thank you Pete) and it is a flipping delight. Light, responsive, great view, lovely condition. It was very noticeable how quiet and smooth is the engine installation. The only other Rotax I have flown was in a Tecnam and that sounded like a bag of spanners. Not the Breezer. About the only very slight negative is that it seemed to be a bit more sensitive to atmospheric bumps than the 1000 kg stuff that I am used to but that's physics. Beautiful strip that is easy to find.
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