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Morning all,

I understand from reading other posts on the subject that PowerFLARM can be used with SkyDemon, but how do you actually go about connecting the two devices? I am specifically looking at a PowerFlarm Core installation so some form of bluetooth bridge would be great, anyone know if there is such a solution out there?


By Lefty
The link is called Butterfly. IIRC there was a thread on here talking about how to get them to work together.

Let me know when you find it - I've just borrowed a PowerFlarm to test it out.
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By SteveN
I thought the 430 needed ARINC 429 for traffic?
Apologies - you're right. I mixed up what PowerFLARM outputs (an add-on gives you a Garmin TIS interface for 495 etc) and what other products do... ... nce-system

Its something to do with PowerFLARM core not being certified, and so you're not supposed to connect it to certified / certifiable equipment, so it doesn't have the ARINC 429 interface (so it can't connect to the 430).
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That's perfect, thanks guys.


Can one get a Powerflarm core and ZAON XRX interfaced to Skydemon at the same time? I don't like the zero-azimuth PCAS solutions and the XRX interfaced to our Garmin GPS at the moment provides quite reliable azimuth data.

How do you go about mounting the FLARM antennas?

Hi,I bought a PF Core and the Butterfly connect last December hoping to use it with my Nexus 7 and Skydemon and my 495.I configured it for both devices and still can't see any traffic.3 months later and countless emails with the supplier and manufacturer I have to allow it to be taken back to Germany so they can examine it,apparently they don't have any new stock to replace it.Im just wondering if anybody has configured PF core using SD/Nexus 7.