A place where members of the forum community can offer their non aviation services, a way of helping each other out, or making sure that when you pay for a product or service that some of it might get spent on flying! This is a community service, so if you register just to sell your service or product you can expect to get donked.
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By pizzytinzel
I'm new to the forum and aviation. I'm also setting up a business that will launch in April next year.


From Spring 2014 we will be able to offer bell tent hire for glamping and luxury camping, across South Devon and the South West of England.

Whether you’ve never camped before or you just fancy a spot of glamping, our fully furnished, luxury Bell Tents are sure to make you love camping. From our crisp white cotton bed linen and goose down duvets to our breakfast hampers packed full of the best local produce, our aim is to provide you with the ultimate luxury camping experience, anywhere you want it.

There are 3 easy steps:

1. Book your campsite

2. Tell us where and when you’d like your Bell Tent

3. Arrive at your pitch and marvel at how beautiful your pitched and furnished tent is.

This might be of interest to people who might want to fly down to Exeter, Dunkeswell or any of the plethora of grass strips in Devon. You could fly down and camp without having to bring anything other than clothes. I could even pick you up from the airstrip.

I'll offer a 10% discount to anyone from the forum that books. Just quote "Flyerforum".


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By pizzytinzel
Indeed! It's weird, because I hadn't even thought of people flying down and camping, but as I've been reading up on all things aviation it strikes me that there's a lot of it going on. I did see the photos from Bolt Head. What a great place, and fantastic photos. Looks like you guys and girls had a blast.

It would be brilliant to head down to Bolt Head and set up a bunch of tents for people who fly down. That, for me, might actually be the coolest thing my business can do! I might even talk to a few people down there and see if there might be an appetite for it.

I only have 5 tents, but they are all 5 metres in diameter and can sleep up to 6, but I'd gladly help out with things like that if I can :thumright:
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By Paul_Sengupta
Marjorie wrote:Those seat belts look a bit ropey. Are you sure they don't need an inspection? :lol:

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By eagleII
pizzytinzel - did you ever go to bolt head airfield?

I really like the idea of flying down and spending a few days glamping close to the sea.
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By Charles Hunt
Marjorie wrote:Paul

Those seat belts look a bit ropey. Are you sure they don't need an inspection? :lol:

Shows how long it has been since I looked at this thread, but that was very good, if perhaps a little cruel!