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Hi everyone,

Our villa is located in the heart of the Charentaise vineyard and sunflower country, close to the SW France coast and equidistant from Cognac and Bordeaux. We are GA pilots ourselves and can arrange free landing and parking at our local airfiled (5 mins away) which is a 1300m grass strip with lighting and PAPI should anyone wish to visit via GA means. We offer a free 'meet & greet' collection service from the airfield, free cycle hire and can arrange hire cars if needed. Alternately, we are approx 1h drive from Bordeaux (BA, EasyJet) and La Rochelle (SkyPirates (Ryanair), Easyjet, FlyBe, Jet2) for more 'conventional' visitors. There are lots of pictures and further details on our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/ChezLesRoux (we are even offering the chance to win a free week with us just for liking the page and sharing us with your friends).

We would like to offer members of the FLYER Forum a 5% discount should you wish to stay with us.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
John & Helen

(PS, note to mods: I hope this breaks no rules, I did check first but may have missed something !!!)