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By AerBabe
I love the idea of exchanging lessons for hours. It cymbalises the friendly nature of aviation.

By Hotelfox
Seems like a fair exchange to me.

Who would want to be banging for hours ? :)
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By AerBabe
I think you're missing a "n't" there.
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By Flintstone
While you're all chatting shall I put the kettle on?
By Leaky Mick
Flintstone wrote:shall I put the kettle on?

Just for kicks.
By Hotelfox
Flintstone wrote:While you're all chatting shall I put the kettle on?

Kinda chatting with very good drum rhythm.

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By chromofoam
Sorry chaps, I totally missed all the replies here and I know this thread died a long time ago.

Offer still stands, and I'm even more keen than ever now to get in the air So....;

I am based in Letchworth - nearest airfields to me are;

Panshanger (thinking of training here)
Cambridge (Marshall Aerospace)
Luton Airport

I'm happy to sit in the back, sit in the right seat, and generally be around and help out if anyone needs an extra pair of hands. I drive a Land Rover which has a tow bar and is a strong workhorse so can tow trailers or aircraft. I work on my own car so I have some pretty good skills with a set of spanners, and I'm really willing to learn. I want to get as involved as I can with anything related to aviation and flying, even if that's just sitting and watching, volunteering, helping with repairs and maintenance, transporting things and people, or whatever's going.

Ultimately I'm looking for experienced pilots to help me get my PPL and study.

It's worth noting as well that I'm just about to turn 30 so I've got some skill and my wits about me too, so no need to worry there.

If anyone wants to go up and take me with them, if possible I will gladly chip in for the Avgas just for the experience and nav practice I would gain by just being a non-participating observer in the RH or back seats.

soooo....yeah...if you really wanted drum lessons, fair enough...but it's not the only thing I can do - I'm an ex estate agent with ARLA and NAEA qualifications so any property questions i can answer for you, let me know.
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By BobM
You could try offering to help at Old Warden, or come to Little Gransden on a weekend there might be something going on..