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... who can handle more business?

I am launching a new networking group in Cobham.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 28th February from 06:45 - 09:00.

I'd be most grateful if you could pass the details on to any professionals that you recommend.

There is a nominal £10 fee to cover the meeting costs.

Please contact me for more details.

Hi Andrew

I've tried mid morning & lunchtime networking but found that they all take a significant chunk out of the day. Particularly once you include travelling time when things are busy :(

Although a quarter to seven may seem a bit early to start, it does mean you are finished by 9am - and avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic.


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By GrahamB
This is a pilots' forum.

Marketing tip: call it a 'breakfast with large bacon butties networking event'.

That should bring 'em in.
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By Andrew Sinclair
Hello James,

I deserved a poke for being arrogant and a slap then, I had assumed that you had meant 18:45 - 21:00, had made a mistake and I was trying to be funny and fell flat on my face :oops:

Best wishes for the initiative!


No problem Andrew :)

I've tried evening networking too, but most people want to get back to their families at the end of the day so it tends to be less popular.

I also tried an 8am -10am networking slot but you end up wasting loads of time in the traffic getting there, and by the time you are back to work afterwards nearly the whole morning has gone.

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We had 21 local business attend last week & have 19 booked in for tomorrow.

I'm now running the meetings weekly, so if you know anyone who could handle more business please do contact me to reserve a place.