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By JimKing
The other day i went for my lesson. My instructor was still airborne on an introductory lesson in a PA-28. The main instructor suggested i go to the hanger and do the pre checks on the PA-38 I would be flying when he is back. And if I didnt mind taking it out of the hanger, that would help out a lot too as he had to man the phone and reception desk.

Following pre-checks, put in tow bar, and off i go with aeroplane out of hanger. The second i did get out I slipped on the frost outside, and ended up on my backside. This was not so bad untill i noticed that the front wheel of the aircraft was still heading forwards right towards the family jewels.

Must have been so funny for any bystander watching me frantically trying to get back on my feet
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By Charles Hunt
Hmmm, I've just made a post about chocks. Never thought of using those!!!
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By Paul_Sengupta
When I flew from Stockholm Bromma, I ended up on my backside several times when pulling aeroplanes out of the hanger on snow or ice. Didn't generally get any squished anatomy though.