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By Steve H
From another post elsewhere by Awful Charlie:

The Olivia terminal at the bottom of the tower has been u/s for the last year or more (although I haven't been back since August or so), so use the BRIA fo file if you need - always handy numbers anyway: ... r.asp?m=15 There is wifi in the bar/restaurant but you will have to ask for the key (easier if you buy something)

From La Rochelle, it will be Bordeaux you should deal with.

If arriving after dark, be prepared for a 'Light charge' (Balisage) which is several times the landing fee (the landing fee being about 10EUR IIRC, for up to 1.5t)

Fuel is H24 with a BP card, otherwise cash/credit card in the portacabin next to the pumps, but check the opening times in the AIP, frequently overridden by NOTAM.

If you pay you landing/parking fees in the portacabin (preferred, otherwise they will send an invoice in the post, and then leave you the problem of sending a cheque), KEEP THE RECEIPT! The accounts department seems to make frequent up-c*cks and may well send you an invoice anyway!

Bus outside the terminal goes fairly frequently for a few peanuts to the town centre, otherwise a taxi (phone just next to the terminal doors) is about 20EUR. Car hire needs to be arranged in advance (during a M-F working day) with the main office of the company (pick from Avis, Hertz, Europcar, and one or two others), and explain that it is a private flight, unless you intend to time your arrival to coincide with one of the (few) scheduled flights. You are very unlikely to be able to pitch up and get a hire car.

Normal French procedure is take your licence with you before going landside, you may well need it to get back to the aircraft. At La Rochelle there is a dual gate with a code displayed on the inside - if you make a note of the code, you can let yourself back in as long as the code hasn't changed (I understand it is meant to change every day, but it stayed the same all summer this year)

Great destination, checkout the Papy Boyington bar (Bar des Tetes Brulees) if you fancy a few hours to drink with an aviation theme
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By skydriller
Well I flew onto La Rochelle yesterday.

The security gate IS there and you punch in the code to exit as well as enter. Its a double door now so you need to shut one door before the other will open... Take a photo of the code to get back in!! However, it does appear from others comments to randomly work, whether technical or operator error, be prepared by having your licence and id with you.

There is a new portacabin with a very big sign on it next to the gate. There is a walkway marked on the ground from G directly to it. Same system as before, credit cards accepted including contactless payment now.

Bus still right outside the GA gate to town still every 30 mins at 1.30euros. Landing and a days parking for a Robin was 14.15euros.

Yes the terminal has been re-arranged. I thought the café shop was better than before. Security no longer take you through separately, you go through with pax. As I forgot about the code, myself and 3guests went through the whole security screening thing and were shown outside straight away despite the Flybe and ryanair leaving at the same time,

ATC still very helpful, even when heard confronted with a Brit unable to find his way out of G and find the only taxiway towards the runway... :roll:

So for myself its still the destination of choice for a day out by air.

Regards, SD..