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By Rob P
Neither the plane nor the wall were significantly damaged in the crash

Rob P
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By Iceman
I saw a load of photographs of the damage today, bent prop / engine, collapsed nose wheel, aircraft part way through hedge. I'll see if I can post them tomorow. The Cessa Caravan had only been in operation 4 weeks at South Cerney.

Iceman 8)
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By Iceman
As promised







Apparently, the pilot was seen to perform a very low-level circuit, and a very tight base-final turn within the DZ before landing too far down the runway to stop within the remaining distance.

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By sleepy weasel

Out of interest can you shock load a turbine? I'm sure someone told me that the prop is not physically connected to the business end of the engine.
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By PhilE
can you shock load a turbine

If you can, this goes from just plain expensive to eye wateringly expensive!

the prop is not physically connected

At the very least there will be a gearbox assembly between the two. Depending upon how the power is transmitted from the main shaft of the turbine through the gearbox, there is the potential for the whole thing to be in a pile of small pieces - the pictures clearly show that the prop was under power (even allowing that the pilot would have pulled the throttle back just as his buttocks started to clench!) and it appears to have stopped in about one eighth of a rotation, so all that kinetic energy must have gone somewhere.


the pictures clearly show that the prop was under power

Actually, that's a bit of a PPRUNE style assumption - an alternative explanation is that the prop was already just windmilling and that's why it stopped so quickly.
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By Mark R
Judging by the way the nose leg has just folded over with no rut behind it, and the bottom blade is embedded in the ground with little disturbance.
It looks like it mostly went up and over the hedge, and then just came straight down with the weight of the engine on it.

So they may have got away with relatively minor damage to both the aircraft and the electric fence :)
By The Kid from Red Bank
[quote]Out of interest can you shock load a turbine?[/quote

Yes, it will have almost certainly damaged/distorted the hot section, so a very expensive rebuild whatever...
By pands
To answer a question above, there is no direct link between the engine and the prop - it is a free turbine.

That is, there is a big fan on the back of the prop that is driven by the exhaust gases from the turbine, that is facing backwards, and uses only about 10-15%of the power to drive the prop.

Anyone know who was driving at the time? A PM with some initials would be much appreciated.

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By Deeday
Nobody mentioned the prop reverse? The Grand Caravan has it fitted, but it doesn't look like it was engaged on N208AF (looking at the less damaged blades).