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By Geraint Pinches
Flew into Ludham the weekend before last.

Absolutely nothing there really (just a hangar at one end of the strip and a locked Portakabin).

Airfield is PPR (see their website at

The beauty of this strip, however, is that if you are heading into Norwich, it is a helluva lot cheaper than Norwich International (minimum of £25 landing fee, plus handling a further £25, plus parking at £9 per 24 hours for a PA28, all plus VAT).

Landing fee is £10 (put in the honesty box) in the letterbox to the hangar.

The strip is a bit rough at the 07 end and it is best to land down the centre where it is smoothest.

Parking is along the southern edge of the strip. It's best to position the aircraft in the middle of the runway at the 25 end (near the hangar and portakabins), shutdown and then push it back to the runway's edge to avoid chipping the prop from loose stones near the parking spots themselves.

If landing on 25, an 25 degree offset approach is required (inbound track about 225 degrees) to avoid the hangar at the 25 threshold. Approach to 07 is clear and therefore you can position straight in.

No fuel.

Strip is about 550m long - although the LDA on 25 is quite a bit less due to the hangar at that end / offset approach. Perfectly fine for an average club tourer, 2 or 3 up.

Taxis take about 30 minutes into Norwich and will cost £20 to £25 total (they will send one out to you from the City, so for a round trip of an hour, it's not too bad a fare).

This airfield is certainly more faffy than Norwich Intl in terms of transportation, but I refused to pay over £100 for landing at Norwich and 2 nights parking. :evil: