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By joe-fbs
The DC6 Diner is at the North-West end of the airfield. On the AIP chart, it is the long thin line next to the words Eastern Aircraft Park.

Airbase, of which the Diner is part, is the best place to park for the Diner but if they are not available, the Western Apron (where Aeros and Almat are based) is more convenient than the aeroplane club.

Incidentally, there are two collections of historic aircraft at Coventry. The Midland Air Museum is at the North East end by the aeroplane club. This museum has a cafe with pasties and the like.

Airbase is at the North West end between the West apron and the Eastern Parking Area. Airbase has various flying aeroplanes as well as static exhibits. If you can afford it, you can fly them. See here:

PS airfield hours are now longer than those given above. IIRC, open until 0100.
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By Pete L
Bargain for the facilities - £12 for landing, parking all day, and a cup of tea from the airport director. Really friendly and helpful.
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By joe-fbs
Driving past the eastern end of the airfield today, I noticed that there is now a steak house in the same building as the flying club so there are now three eateries at Coventry plus a pub an easy stroll from the west apron.

PS the flyable aircraft in the Airbase collection are due to move to Saint Mawgan / Newquay some time soon. I understand that the restoration and maintenance facilty will stay at Coventry as presumably will the non-flying large aircraft (two Canberras, a Nimrod, a Shackleton and two large propliners, one of which is the DC6 Diner).
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By dawdler
Was the airfield affected by the recent big warehouse fire just outside the perimeter? I suppose it depends on which way the wind was blowing at the time.
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By joe-fbs
Getting away from the point of the ATIS threads but as far as I could see on Friday, operations were normal. The local rag's website said that the airfield was closed overnight but that would be because the airfield is closed overnight. Journalists, bless 'em.
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By Dusty_B
The airfield was closed on Wednesday evening, in the "heat" of the moment. It was a huge fire, still burning the following morning.
By PaulB
I noticed a fuel bowser truck yesterday labelled UL91. There's no mention of it on the website. This presumably means that Cov is or soon will be selling unleaded?

Does anyone know?

On the downside, landing feea have gone up 25% on April 1st (from £0.012 per kg MTOW to £0.015, both plus VAT)
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By Keef
At 1.5p per tonne, I don't think I'd be worried.
By PaulB
Keef wrote:At 1.5p per tonne, I don't think I'd be worried.

Ooops..... per kg!! I'll change that! (It was plus VAT!! :-) )
By Bathman
I'm frequently moaning about the price of the local international regional airports. I also think they are either very anti Ga insists on handling or it might be a case that they simply don't have a clue.

Anyway I've been looking at Coventry and it seems reasonable well priced and has decent opening hours.

Am I reading this wrong or is there any gotchas.
By Bathman
Well to answer my own post I've just received an email from the airport telling me everything that I need to know.

Very impressed and what appears to be a pretty good price to.
By PaulB
Reduced opening times

Q) EGTT/QFAAH/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5222N00129W005
B) FROM: 16/09/16 11:39C) TO: PERM
HOLIDAY (PH) 0900-1900. SUMMER: MON-FRI 0700-1700 SAT, SUN AND PH
0800-1800. NOV 01-MAR 31 EVERY WED 1800-2000 FOR NIGHT CIRCUITS
By PaulB
Last post on here about Coventry was almost 18 months ago.... a lot has happened.

The airfield has been part of Sir Peter Rigby's Regional & City Airports group for some time and has a new website (same address, new design).

The airfield itself has also undergone some changes. Full ATC is no more so there are no longer any radar services or no instrument approaches. There is also no longer an ATIS or any official weather service (TAF/METAR) .

Coventry Flying club has a webcam that overlooks the runway facing south, which although obviously not an official source of weather, does afford a current view of the field.

There is an AFISO service Tues-Fri and an AGCS service at other times. Both use the old App/Rad frequency of 123.825MHz. Paul Brown (who used to be at Kemble is the ATS Manager.)

For the time being the airport is PPR by telephone to 02476-511738.

As I understand it, the airport's status as regards Customs/Immigration remains unchanged - it remains a designated airport.

There are still 4 flying schools:-

Coventry Aeroplane Club at the Eastern end
Midland Air Training at "Airpark" on Rowley Road
Aeros (at the western end of the field)
Almat Aviation (also at the Western end)

The Midland Air Museum remains open and is on Rowley Road a short walk from the Aeroplane Club.

Finally, I believe that the DC6 Diners is closed and will remain so. The only café is at the Flying club. The Village Café is open from Friday afternoons and at the Weekend. Alternatively, there's The Oak pub just out side the airport gate at the Western end of the field
By PaulB
A quick update to the above post..

Coventry is now open from 0900L-1800L seven days a week and has an AFISO service during those hours. There is an out-of-hours scheme for based aircraft who wish to operation outside those hours.

The frequency remains at 123.825 - Coventry Information.

There's a new scheme of charges for GA here.
Essentially, it's £10 per tonne (pro-rata) inc VAT but with a minimum of £10 for aircraft weighing less than a tonne.

There used to be an entry in the AIP stating that aircraft less than 600kg could not use the airport. This has been removed. I understand that all are now welcome.

Approaches are as they have always been.

Rwy 23 LH circuit join via Draycott water or join downwind.

Rwy 05 RH circuits join via Southam cement Works or join downwind.

OHJ are difficult due to the proximity of Birmingham (and will need to be co-ordinated with Birmingham Radar)

There are no longer any instrument approaches, although the DME remains. It is still on 109.750 but is now centred on the airfield as opposed to the threshold of the active runway.

The NDB (CT) has recently been NOTAM'd as permanently withdrawn.