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By johnm
I just stayed 2 days there and I found them very GA friendly, there are restrictions on SEP on the 08 runway that makes instrument arrivals a bit of a palaver it seems, but I arrived on 26 and was offered choice of approach, so I took a vectored ILS for practice which went very well.

I was parked on the disused runway and then found my way ( a bit of a convoluted route but the natives were helpful with directions) to Aviation South West who dealt with landing and parking fees (£40 all in ) and I was also briefed on how to come back and book out when I was leaving.

On return I booked out, was given a pass to give to the security gate man and strolled back to my aeroplane handing in my pass as I went.

Ater picking up the ATIS I called the tower and got very straightforward taxi and departure on 08.

Full commercial airport facilites incl ATIS, ILS and other instrument approaches and very friendly and no OTT security requirments

Well done Exeter!
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By BlackheathBloke
Was in here last Saturday, a very similar experience to JohnM.

Was heading in from Newquay so was given a nice easy right base join (I'd kept South to avoid their approach path)

Parking on the grass in front of the tower, costs as per Johnm's post.

Booking out very easy, pass given to bypass the security scan at the gate.

Fuel price is slightly cheaper than previously. However I'd recommend you refuel when you arrive instead of when you leave as the poor Fuel guy was fairly busy refuelling a couple of Flybe Dash 8's before he could get to me.

Slotted me in for a departure between a few commercials, no drama at all.

Highly recommended if you need a stop in Exeter.
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By BlackheathBloke