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By BlueRobin
Friendly people in the tower
Decent old-fashioned caff food
Nice rural but not too countrified feel but not in the middle of nowhere
Small museum on Sundays - see the original underground battle bunker from WW2
There's a running Vulcan too
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By UpThere
I was caught out by unforecast lowering cloud on my way from Blackpool to Shoreham on Thursday, so diverted to Wellesbourne. They were very friendly and helpful in the tower and didn't charge me a landing fee. The food in the draughty caff was excellent and the service was much quicker than at Shoreham. I'll definitely return, on purpose next time.
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By Keef
They did us proud for the Forum bash today. Full marks to the FISO, to the caterers (who were rushed off their feet), and to all the others who looked after us.
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By Iceman
The place was nothing short of manic yesterday, and the lady FISO coped superbly and very calmly. The bacon butties get top marks from me. My first visit, and I will return.

Iceman 8)
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By CaptChaos
I can wholly endorse the comments of Keef and Iceman plus add the warmness of the welcome that Derek and the Vulcan team gave us. A worthwhile cause and deserving of a donation.
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By Keef
That lady FISO is a gem. She asked us as we arrived if we were with the Forum, explained that she was parking all the Forum aircraft together on Runway 05, and then said she wanted to see Craig.

Me: "Craig's not coming."
She "Who's in charge, then?"
Me "Nobody".
She (without a pause) "Then I want to see nobody as soon as he lands."

She coped with everything else with similar panache.
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By Steve H
Pretty much what everyone else has said. Went there on Saturday for the first time in a few years. Very useful website with live weather are winds here:

Usually only runway 36/18 in use on weekeds due to a market on the other runway. Note take off noise abatement on 36, which is a right turn onto 030 heading over the green-roofed building to remain clear of the village and climb to 1000' before turning on track.

The mighty Avro Vulcan

Very friendly in the tower. £15 landing fee.

They were happy for me to walk along the taxiway (as long as I had a hi-viz) to the fast-taxi-capable Vulcan bomber (as opposed to the Vulcan nose section at the museum). There seem to be volunteers working on it most weekends and they were very happy to show me around. For a donation, I got to climb into the crew compartment.

Cafe is basic but reasonable. Nice porch overlooking the airfield which would be great in the summer.