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By Steve H
Tibenham is a typical ex-WW2 airfield with three large tarmac runways arranged in the classic triangle configuration. It is the home of Norfolk Gliding Club, so there is a fair bit of gliding going on, which may mean that the into wind runway is blocked by landed gliders, which can take quite a while to be moved from the runway, so be prepared to use a different runway.

Tibenham from the air

It was the home of the 445th Bombardment Group of the USAAC during WW2 and flew Liberators from here. The actor James Stewart was a squadron commander here during WW2, one of the few Hollywood actors to actually see combat. There is a very nice memorial near the refuelling hut.

WW2 memorial

The radio may or may not be manned, so be prepared to make blind calls. They do have AVGAS available. Runways are huge and in good condition, be prepared for long taxying.

There is a very nice and character-filled café that you pay your landing fee in.
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By Rob P
A quick update.

Tibenham is becoming increasingly power-friendly as the number of based power aircraft mounts steadily with the construction of new hangars. The three huge runways do give a choice but you need to be aware that the radio, a shared glider frequency, is patchy and highly unprofessional. The grass (all of it) is apparently an option too.

There is simple availability of reasonably priced fuel from a modern facility, but you'll need to be there on a day when they are gliding, or be lucky and find a member who can help and take the card payment. Gliding days normally Sat / Sun / Wed / Thursday, but more frequent during the summer.

No overhead joins.

Comprehensive information here: ... _POWER.pdf but in practice it's a lot simpler than this makes it sound.

Rob P