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By Morgan
Looking to go to EGPH for a couple of days over Easter. Here are the costs for an SR22 via the two handling companies:

Signature Aviation
Departure Charge £40.00 + vat = £46.00
Parking Charge £00.4960 + vat = £00.57 pence per 15 Minutes i.e. £2.28 hr
CAA Navigation Charge £10.00 + vat = £11.50
Ground Handling Charge £75.00 + vat = £86.25
Current Avgas 100LL £01.3969 ppl + vat = £01.61 ppl

Greer Aviation
Airport Charges:
Landing: £40.00
Nav Charge: £10.00
Parking: £0.74 per hour

Greer Aviation Charges:
Handling: Domestic arrival - £44.00 International Arrival - £52.00

All charges are exclusive of VAT (currently 15%)
By Lefty
Won't be rushing back there anytime soon!
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By UpThere
Current charges at Edinburgh, excluding VAT, for a DA40:

Departure Charge: £40.00
Navigation Fee: £10.00
4 hrs Parking: £2.11
Signature Handling: £100.00
Security Charge: £45.00

Handling consisted of a 50 metre ride in a people carrier between where we parked, and Signature's cabin, plus a phone call for a taxi. On departure, we had to walk all the way back to the aircraft!

Security did a pat down of my wife, to make sure whatever set off the metal detector couldn't be used to hijack me on the way back.

Their whole GA facility was very quiet, for obvious reasons.