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By NorfolkJohn
Little Snoring airfield is located approximately 3 miles North East of Fakenham in North Norfolk. The airfield dates back to WW2 when it was used mainly by RAF Mosquito aircraft and the old control tower, although derelict, still stands.

PPR is NOT required but use of the airfield is TOTALLY at the pilot's own risk. The PPR telephone number quoted in some flight guides should not be used. This is the private number of the airfield owner. If people have any specific questions or concerns about flying in they should contact either the McAully Flying Group or the Light Aircraft Company (see web site details below). Visiting pilots must record all movements in the log which is to be found in the box attached to the McAully Club House.

The main runway is 07 / 25. The flight guides generally quote it as being 494 x 23 meters of asphalt / concrete but there is an additional 300 meters plus of very useable grass at the 25 end making a total length of approx 800m. This runway should be used when ever possible. However the taxiway to the South of the main runway can be used for both take-off and landing. This is aligned 10 / 28 with a slight up slope on 10. If an approach is being made to 28 some care should be exercised due to the proximity of trees and the hangars.

In addition be aware that paramotors are sometimes operating from a field just to the north of the threshold of runway 07. This activity is outside the airfield and no one based at, or involved, with the airfield has any control over these activities so caution must be exercised at all times.

Agricultural machinery and large trucks are often moving about the airfield especially the taxi-way (runway 10 / 28). The main runway and taxi-way are in fairly good condition but there are areas of loose stones especially at the intersection of 07 and the taxi-way, so proceed with care. Similarly there are areas of small loose stones on the taxi-way (10 / 28). The visiting aircraft should park opposite the McAully Hangar and Club House at the Eastern end of the taxi-way. If leaving the aircraft unattended ensure it is parked so as not to obstruct the fuel pump or Hangar doors.

Circuits are all left hand at 800 feet AAL. The radio is not usually manned but PLEASE do make blind calls on Little Snoring Radio 118.125 both inbound and outbound. If any of the based aircraft are about you will get a friendly an acknowledgement. Reasonably priced Avgas is available during the week from The Light Aircraft Company and may be available at weekends by prior arrangement with either the McAully Flying Group or The Light Aircraft Company.

If coming from the North or West (especially during the week) it is important to contact RAF Marham on 124.15 due to the proximity of their MATZ. If coming up from the South contacting Norwich Radar (119.35) is probably appropriate in the first instance. Both Marham and Norwich ATC are usually very helpful.

Further info is available from the McAully Flying Group web site :

Details on The Light Aircraft Company and further airfield information is available on the TLAC web site :
By NorfolkJohn
There have recently been some reports and rumours that Little Snoring is no longer open to visiting aircraft. This is NOT the case but the access arrangements have changed. I have updated the full airfield details in the post above but the key change is that PPR is no longer rerquired, however, access is entirely at the pilot's own risk. The PPR phone number previously quoted in flight guides should not be used.

Also please note the caution regarding paramotor activity off the airfield but close to the threshold of runway 07.