A place where members of the forum community can offer their non aviation services, a way of helping each other out, or making sure that when you pay for a product or service that some of it might get spent on flying! This is a community service, so if you register just to sell your service or product you can expect to get donked.
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By Merlin83b

We do web hosting for everything from individuals to public sector organisations and multinationals. We also do web design and other related services such as domain registrations.

We even have a fair few customers among the discerning forumite ranks :)
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By mancpilot
Well, I must add www.webtapestry.net ;-) We do [b]hosting[/b] of all kinds (Linux (PHP/Perl/MySQL), Windows (ASP/asp.NET), Dedicated, Co-location), [b]broadband[/b] and [b]telephony[/b] services, as well as advanced bespoke stuff like hosted Exchange.

But we don't do web design though!

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By Adam
I use 34sp.com for my hosting and very good they are too, the support team are very helpful and responsive and the price is good too.

I have no connection with 34sp other than a very satisfied customer.
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By Colin G
I'm another satisfied customer of 34sp.com. Excellent support when needed.
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By Shunter
What they said ^^^