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By steviem
Mandatory handling and landing will total about £50 for a typical SEP. There is limited on site catering on the dedicated GA apron but you're only 5 mins from the main terminal and 15 mins from Liverpool city centre.

ATC at LPL have done a brilliant job of integrating CAT and GA. In the three years I have flown from there, they have never failed to be anything less than helpful, tolerant and friendly yet at the same time efficient and professional. Blinkin' marvelous job they do IMHO.

The airport operates 24/7 and of course has a brace of ILS and other instrument approaches available.

If you're coming in visual it's a good idea to get the ATIS to find out what runway is in use and plan to arrive at an appropriate VRP as your required zone entry point will be requested when you call for zone entry clearance.

As a place to base an a/c it's terrific . Landing fees* and fuel are both cheaper than at Barton's boggy grass strip !! As a place to learn, there are a plethora of private, commercial and rotory schools available.

*Landing Fees are discounted for based a/c operating a credit account with the airport.
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By KNT754G
and they are 99% of the time great at providing zone transits whether VFR SVFR or IFR at 1500 or 2000'
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By The Westmorland Flyer
and they are 99% of the time great at providing zone transits

Indeed they are. In fact they have even, when things are quiet, negotiated an IFR zone transit for me through the
Manchester CTA at 3000ft or so north/south via the LPL. Really helpful people - I don't think I've ever been refused a transit with the result that these days I never use the Manchester LLR.
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By Steve H
Harvested from another thread by 'steviem' dated 13/3/2011:

Sorry if this comes too late for you. only just seen it. LAS are your only option for handling for visitors on the GA apron afaik.

They are on 0151 486 6161 (option 2 for handling)

Last time I checked (which was a while ago because we've been based with them for a couple of years) landing and handling came to about £50 quid. Prob nearer £60 now I would imagine.

Very friendly, very professional.
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By Howardlong
Trip here on Monday 14 July 2014. My trusty steed, a PA28-140.

Avgas £1.835+VAT =£2.20/litre

Mandatory Handling £30.25+VAT = £36.30
Landing Fee £34.20+VAT = £41.40
Parking (for about 3 hours) £8.25+VAT = £9.90

So fixed charges including handling, landing and 3 hours parking and VAT totalled £87.60.

I am low hours (165), and it was my first time oop norf in me jalopy, so I spent quite a bit of time planning and downloading documentation which paid off. Make sure you know the "standard" VFR arrival and departure routes, and have a map of the airport handy and you know where the GA apron is. PPR is through Liverpool Airport Services on 0151 486 6161 who were very helpful when I asked a bunch of newbie questions. As I always say, the only dumb questions are the ones you didn't ask.

When taxiing to the GA apron, I was met with a chap waving an orange pingpong bat from a minibus, who I followed and parked up. He then drove me the few yards to their premises where they'll organise a cab for you if you need one, and you can help yourself to a coffee or something much stronger if needs be.

On the way back, I settled the bill and they booked me out. The GA apron is unlicensed. You run your power checks at the west side of the GA apron. Then hold at K before getting clearance to taxi onto taxiway A, then, assuming it's 27, hold at G for clearance to takeoff.