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By leiafee
Range very accomodating -- they did a cracking talk at the flying club Christmas Do a few years ago, and have taken group round the tower there to see how they operate. They are very keen to maintain good relations with GA.

If you are there in the week, it's great entertainment to sit at the caravan park down the road and watch the jets doing their thing on the range!

Some local landmarks not on the chart which you might hear locals use are Loughor Bridge (road/rail bridge to the east) and Whitford Point (disused lighthosue on nothern tip of Gower)

At the airfield the cafe is a bit unpredictable, but the Butchers Arms up the road a short distance away, is decent, and Kidwelly, down the road in the opposite direction (although a bit of a walk) is lovely with castle and plenty of cafes and chippies.

The airfield abuts the Country Park with cycle tracks, footpaths, and somewhere a dry ski slope which I've been in no rush to try!

And there's the motoracing circuit of course.

There is a bus stop at the end of the lane leading out of the airfield that will take you to Pembrey (or the Butchers) in one direction and Kidwelly in the other). It's the X11 (mon-Sat) or the 111(Sun) -- the airfield's not marked on the timetable, but it's only a few minutes outside Pembrey village itself.
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By AlanB
Went last Sunday. Very quiet, but very good experience. Nice people, very polite.
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By jollyrog
I had the misfortune to visit Pembrey on Saturday.

Despite having 'phoned twice and sending a GAR that showed I was en-route to Waterford, he declined to mention that he had no fuel until I'd landed. Not nice. So much for NOTAM, eh?

I was therefore left in the unfortunate position of being at Pembrey with 30 mins to closing, GAR and FPL filed for departure from there and insufficient fuel. Not nice.

Yes, I suppose I could have asked explicitly "do you have fuel", but I'd expect a licensed aerodrome to NOTAM a (what appears to be) long term bowser defect use their noddy to put landing+GAR together and have some idea of what I might require.

I'm afraid it's not on my list of places to revisit.

Thank you to London Information and the flying club at Haverfordwest for helping me sort out my problems on Saturday evening.
Did Pembrey today with my youngest son.
Only 1 other plane landed whilst we were there, seemed really quiet. They have laid a runway extension, but are awaiting application of the tarmac top surface. Landing fee was fine at £12 for a single.
We visited the country park- £10 each way in a taxi.
Southwest air are planning to use it as a base for CAT, hence the runway extension.
By johnm
We went into Pembrey today, for no particular reason. It was a very enjoyable trip in the end.

Pembrey range were very helpful getting us in and out between Hawk runs through the range, there's an excellent little cafe there too normally open from 0900 to 1530 seven days a week.

We planned to have a walk through the country park and down to the beach, but a dirty great pop festival put paid to that. It also meant the caff was full of plods eating heartily.

However the locals (unasked) volounteered to drive us to a rather pleasant little port nearby where there was a marina and a good little crepe stall and burger bar. Also a yacht club and shops and memorial to Amelia Earhart who apparently landed there.

We had a short but pleasant stroll round there and then walked back along the coast to the airfield.

Will deffo go again. No military at weekends of course
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By leiafee
johnm wrote:However the locals (unasked) volounteered to drive us to a rather pleasant little port nearby where there was a marina and a good little crepe stall and burger bar. Also a yacht club and shops and memorial to Amelia Earhart who apparently landed there.

That'll be Burry Port. The marina's fairly new and quite pretty, yep.
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By joe-fbs
Used Pembrey yesterday when my other half needed to be in Carmarthen and we couldn't face either the M4 or the train journey.

First, the odd bit. On arrival the range was cold so it was straight in. Having booked in to both range and airfield by telephone on Friday, it was a surprise to find the navaids off and no response on the radio. I orbited clear and spoke to London Info' who said that they had raised Pembrey on the telephone and the radio was staffed, thanks London Info'. Anyway, still no response on the radio so I landed and parked (I have been before so knew where to go). No life other than a chap in the cafe who organised a taxi for us. Returning in the afternoon, I managed to find someone to take my landing fee and the radio was now staffed so off we went. All a bit rural and casual but all friendly and fine for what we were doing.

Nice friendly little airfield, we didn't use the cafe but it looked nice enough and local families and workers were using it which must be a good sign as it's off the beaten track. Landing for a Warrior still twelve pounds. I had to work quite hard to pay it! We didn't need fuel so I don't know whether the bowser is fixed.

Before departure, we telephoned range control who asked us to call again by radio before departure. We did so and got nothing. I was tempted to just go but decided that was a poor idea. It was the right choice. While airfield radio was chasing range control by telephone, a RAF Griffin flew very low across the runway. Anyway, range control got back on the radio and cleared us away.

In and out, we had continuous, handed over, services from Brize, Gloucester, Filton and Cardiff. This included on the way out, a lengthy period of traffic service from Cardiff while we were in and out of cloud over the mountains. Cardiff was juggling all sorts of CAT at the time so thanks to Cardiff ATC for that.
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By leiafee
The navaids have never been on as far as I can ever remember - I don't know why they don't just give up and take them off the chart!

Sometimes the radio reception to the range is poor on the ground. At one point they stopped requesting it and did it routinely on the phone instead - they must have been feeling more optimistic that day... ;)
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By Arrow IV
Have been there over the weekend, very delightful experience and a really nice airfield. Fuel not expensive (see fuel price list topic), cafe open, and everyone helpful with parking, taxi, luggage, etc. The owner is clearly worth a chat if you have time, he's seen a lot in aviation and other stuff in his life.

The local region is quiet, but the beach is really beautiful, and for a sunny weekend with other half this turned out to be quite a nice trip. As others have said, the Burry Port marina is a good start in itself and for longer walks along the beach. Approx. 4miles/GBP8-10 for taxi from the field. Of course you can walk direct SW of the runway, when it's probably a 10-15mins walk to the beach.

Couple of news re: previous posts:

NDB: this is always off as standard, they switch it on on request only; in practice this means mentioning it when you call them 10mins out, and by the time you're within nominal range it's on

NDB IAP: there is actually a NDB instrument approach, properly documented and available by email to info at It's circling minimums only, but 960ft should get you pretty close before having to divert

FUEL BOWSER: seems to have been defect a while ago but was working perfectly fine when I was there; 1.98/l not expensive either; plus you get a view of one of the oldest working military bowsers in the UK I'd venture :)

RANGE CONTROL: didn't need to call the range on arrival as weekend (all cold), and on departure on Monday the tower called them on the landline to request release (was all cold so no delay). It seems they actually have great reception even if you're still on the ground, but very selective hearing (maybe "red strike leader has refueled, ready to re-engage" gets a quicker response).
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By joe-fbs
Yesterday, not only did they arrange my taxi as we arrived they also called around until they got a lower price!

Thanks Pembrey
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By Ashley
joe-fbs wrote:Yesterday, not only did they arrange my taxi as we arrived they also called around until they got a lower price!

Thanks Pembrey

This must have been you then !


I landed just after you. We were the only movements there all day I think!

Quite surprising as its a lovely place, the cafe looks very nice and lots in the local area to do (I went to watch the Truck Racing), and very friendly, helpful staff.

Well done Pembrey !
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By joe-fbs
No. I don't remember either NOTAM or any mention by Pembrey Radio. I was turning left to avoid the possibility of EFATO forced landing into trees or a crowded race track.