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By Paul Osborne
Andrewsfield is a great little grass airfield with friendly staff and fliers. Some people might be put off flying there due to its proximity to Stansted but it's easy enough to negotiate.

The airfield started off in WWII as Great Saling but was renamed soon after as Andrews Field. B-26s were stationed here then after the war was occupied by Meteors for a brief period. Like most airfields it was eventually abandoned but a small grass strip on what was part of the original 09/27 was started in the 70s (I think). You can still see evidence of the old airfield if you know where to look. In the clubhouse there is an aerial photo of how it used to look as well as a painting of a B-26 and signatures of some of the Americans who used to be stationed there.

Runway designations are 09L/27R & 09R/27L (same as Heathrow!) but generally 09L/27R is used, especially during the winter as it has some plastic matting embedded. Beware it can get boggy.

A/G frequency is 130.55. If you look at your chart you will see Andrewsfield sits under the Stansted CTA where the lower level is 2000ft so make sure you're down to 1800ft on the QNH before you reach this.

If approaching from the north the CTA is down to 1500ft so you would generally be at 1400ft. From Haverhill Andrewsfield is due south although I tend to aim for Halstead and to A/F from there (it gets you between the glider fields of Wethersfield and Ridgewell and avoids any potential infringement of the CTR). Braintree is quite a good place to look out for, the A120 runs out to the west from it and there are some large white roofed industrial buildings either side of the dual carriageway. Aim for those and you'll see the rectangular conifer woods near the airfield to the NW.

Make an overhead join after talking to Andrewsfield Radio and join downwind. If you go to the website, you will find a circuit diagram which is a big help, no need for bomber circuits here. Circuit height is 700ft and with the airfield being at 300ft ASL there is a 10 millibar difference between QNH and QFE. All circuits are right-hand.

You generally turn final at 500ft over the lakes for 27 and a couple of tennis courts for 09. Only thing to beware of on 09 is the road but the threshold is displaced. Vacate the runway to the north and the visitor parking is on the grass to the west of the clubhouse near to where the windsock is. Taxiways to both runways are north of the entrance road apart from the portion where the clubhouse/car park/hangars are.

100LL is available as well as some maintenance. Club aircraft consist of several C152s, a C172R and 3 PA28s of various flavours, all are well maintained. There is a Twin Cougar for multi training and a Cub for tailwheel conversion. A brand new C162 is on order.

PPL/IMC/FIC and CRI courses are available as is a night qualification.

There is a bar that serves the usual drink/food but is closed on Mondays. There are always social events going on and the atmosphere is distinctly laid back. Look out for the three-legged cat named Doodles!

On departure from 27 make sure you turn before Stebbing village and continue the climb to above circuit height before setting course. 09 is a bit easier but beware of the small strip at Rayne, it's not particularly busy but is only a couple of miles to the east before you get to Braintree. On occasions there may be some pesky paramotors to the south who like to cruise around circuit height.

Andrewsfield is a great airfield to fly from, especially for learners as it gets you used to shortish grass runways and having to think about controlled airspace. The instructors are all very knowledgeable, some with 1000s of hours experience and we can boast having the CFI of the year. The place isn't ultra busy so you're unlikely to have any shenanigans in joining the circuit but it is busy enough to keep you on your toes.

More details on their new site Also got some of my vids at
By sibsonsean
Hi Paul!!

Just out of interest, is the aeroplane you are leaning on in your avatar pic G-BZHE???

Great report btw! :wink:
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By Paul Osborne
It is indeed! :) Not a bad machine, awful looking interior though but it is one of the lighter 152s. I think all of Andrewsfield's 152s are decent enough flyers.
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By joe-fbs
Went to Andrewsfield for lunch yesterday en-route from Henlow to the Suffolk coast. All as lovely as described above, excellent chilli in the café. Only slight confusion for me was that when I thought I was seeing cyclists on the taxiway, they were on the airfield road, the taxiway is the grass north of it.

Direct track Henlow to Andrewsfield is over Stansted, transit achieved with maybe a one minute delay "(hold two miles north west, pass over the landing A320, expedite for the A320 on approach", marvellous). The clearance was direct on track, not along the VFR route in the AIS, which I had carefully programmed into SkyDemon, curse those ever- so-helpful ATCOs :-)