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By Flyingfemme
Steve H wrote:Oh was that you in (IIRC) and 'M' registration Caravan at EGBJ just after midday today?

'twas us :D Our pax (mostly first time GAers) were impressed with the spotters at Popham......thought they were paparazzi 8)

Nipped across the A303 to Heston's Little Chef for lunch - very good; my braised ox cheek was delicious and his suet crust steak and ale pie was fab. Walk to the end of 08 and climb over the (locked) field gate. I think the one one the same side of the road is no longer a LC.
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By mmcp42
went there yesterday
03 in use (the 28-day rule one)
hence no markings
as I turned final, chap on the ground lined up and took off
hmm that's handy as there seem to be two parallel tracks worn flat through the grass
departing used the track on the left, so that's where I landed

hmm interesting - has a bend in it half way down - but I'm slowing right down by now so that's ok

turns out it's the taxyway that the departing had taken off from !!

so - the 03 runway is the one on the right!

oh - and the cafe was closed - tea/coffee from a machine - not bad but £1 a pop
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By JonathanB
mmcp42 wrote:oh - and the cafe was closed - tea/coffee from a machine - not bad but £1 a pop

Was the Heston Bloominghell Little Chef thing a marketing ploy/temporary thing? If it's still going, is it easy to get to from the airfield?
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By CaptChaos
Yes it is still going; a friend enjoyed it last weekend having the lamb shank. I believe some people walk across the east end of 26 and cross the A303 (a fast dual carriageway). This would be only a few minutes. Also Popham members have given people lifts.
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By mmcp42
should have been clearer - the on-site cafe was closed
I didn't venture across the road as I only wanted tea and a bun
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By Roy
Nearly suffered the embarrassment of landing between 21 and the taxiway on Saturday :oops: still a last minute dogleg (isn't this standard at Poham :wink: )saved the day.

Great airfield........if only I lived closer.
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By JonathanB
Roy wrote:Great airfield........if only I lived closer.

Wot, then you'd vote to move the yellow peril there? :mrgreen:
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By chris c152
Roy wrote:Nearly suffered the embarrassment of landing between 21 and the taxiway on Saturday :oops: still a last minute dogleg (isn't this standard at Poham :wink: )saved the day.

Great airfield........if only I lived closer.

it didnt look that bad, we were wondering where you was going tho roy :wink:
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Why is the cafe closed during the week :?:
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By Irv Lee
NMTT wrote:Why is the cafe closed during the week :?:

the cafe was 'outsourced' in 2004 or 2005 - or should I say in whichever year it was that the bad weather started for approx 2 years solid. As you may remember, things weren't much better weather wise even after that, and the couple who'd taken it on as their first business venture had to sit there day after day for long periods simply not selling anything or not selling much, watching the drizzle, high winds, or low clouds, or whatever it was that particuar week. In the end they had to give up and in fact emigrated. Popham itself decided to run the cafe weekends only as people will still turn up at weekends by car even in bad weather. Coffee/tea, cold drinks and cakes are available every day but full service (incl very good all day breakfast) at weekends only.
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By jollyrog
I went there yesterday evening.

Nice place, met one friendly pilot (Chris) who gave me the aerodrome information on the radio. Everything was closed, but I left my landing fee in the envelope through the letter box as requested.

Chris was using 03, rather than the 08 I'd primed myself for, so 03 it was. Those trees on final are tall!
By malcolmfrost
03/21 now has markings.
Visited from the ground for the first time as our aircraft G-BFGD has moved down from Fairoaks. I have to say I was impressed, friendly, excellent briefing room for residents (?).
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By rightrudder
Flew to Popham from Sturgate Tuesday, tied the plane down and tucked her up for the night. Arrived next morning, just as the first rain drops began, and became a hostage to the good old British summer weather. Popham was under the biggest weather cell in the UK that day, serious red blob on the weather radar.

Had only been to Popham once before, on a gloriously hot and sunny day, so being weathered in all day yesterday was a bit of a let-down, but the day passed with enjoyment. I must say that Chris, Bill and a bunch of others kept me well entertained with friendly banter and general merriment for most of the day, until I was finally able to 'escape' home at 5pm.

Great place. Grass airfield with interesting aeroplanes and good chat in the clubhouse.


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By neilgeddes
Hello. Three, maybe more, planes are hoping to fly in tomorrow morning Sunday 19th Jan from Cubair, Redhill. Mainly DA20 Katanas with instructors and students coming for breakfast! We'll phone before we leave for a briefing.

How are the runways after all the recent rain and flooding? Is there anything special to be aware of tomorrow?

Many thanks, Neil