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By JenkinGeorge

Shobdon airfield operated by Herefordshire AeroClub and is free from any controlled airspace. Shobdon has an A/G radio on weekdays and AFIS on weekends with an NDB on site. Shobdon has a 27/09 orientated runway with the circuits to the south of the airfield at 1000ft. However there is also a helicopter circuit (700ft) and microlight circuit (500ft) inside of the fixed wing circuit.

In an overhead join do not desend lower than 1500ft on the dead side as there is a glider circuit below you at 1000ft, desend down to 1000ft once you have crossed the runway centreline prior to joining the circuit.

If there is a strong Northerly wind it can get a bit rougher on the approach due to the hills to the North of the field.

Shobdon has a Noise Abatment procedure which means a large circuit going around the two villages to the South. Here is what I have taken from the AIP entry:

Following take-off on Runway 27, the heading is maintained until Rowe Ditch (a line of hedges running north/south approximately 0.5 nm west of Runway 09 threshold); when a left turn through 90° is made and the south bound cross-wind leg flown just to the west of Rowe Ditch. After climbing to 1000 ft QFE cross-wind, the heading should be maintained until passing Pembridge on the left, after which a down-wind turn can be commenced.

Operations for Runway 09 are the exact reciprocal of Runway 27 with the base leg flown with the Rowe Ditch line feature kept to the right of track.

Shobdon has AVGAS and AVTUR and has a cafe on site.

After alot of rain the grass taxi ways can become muddy so cinsider backtracks on the runway.

Anyway, Shobdons a great place to visit, friendly, cheap lanidng fee (£10 I think) and also great place to learn at for PPL, IMC, Night, differences etc.

So come visit the Shobdon Magnet!

And heres the AIP entry and Herefordshire Aeroclubs website (much more useful than I am!)

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By Goonhilly
Delightful airfield framed in wonderful landscape. Mrs GH and I used the airfield on Saturday for a quick trip to the pleasant settlement of Ludlow (surprisingly high concentration of Michelin-starred eateries in this part of the world).

Arrived in the middle of the Aviation Open Weekend which provided the opportunity to watch a couple of air displays involving Nanchings and Yaks while we supped an iced cider outside the caf on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far. Despite heaving numbers, Shobdon staff kept a cool head.

Noise abatement procedure stratightforward with sensible AFIS. Recommended for a visit to the area. Do make sure you book a taxi from the field well ahead of arrival as provision is patchy. We narrowly avoided a three hour wait for our lift into Ludlow (but that might have been something to do with World Cup matches being on).
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By joe-fbs
I will echo all of the positive comments above and say that on this particular Sunday of glorious weather, the new slot system was not a problem. I both arrived and left early with no problem. Nice place, I will probably return.

One minor whinge, arriving at 1105 local, I asked in the cafe for the lovely breakfast which I saw someone being served with. "Sorry, not available after 1100" came the reply. "OK, I'll have that rather nice sounding roast beef dinner then, please." Sorry that's only available after 1200. Between 1100 and 1200 all you can have is sandwiches and jacket potatoes. Now, the subsequent ham sandwich was rather good, a quarter inch thick piece of good ham between two slices of decent brown bread but I would have spent twice as much given either the breakfast or the roast dinner. Also, mustard, Heinz in a plastic bottle!

Incidentally, the place was also full of local bikers and sports car enthusiasts using the airfield and /or cafe as a destination. Excellent.