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By sibsonsean
Peterborough/Sibson is situated on the southern boundary of the RAF Wittering/Cottesmore CMATZ, on the Cambridgeshire/Northamptonshire border.

Intense parachuting takes place from the field up to FL135, although this does not affect GA activity - the only constraints being that overhead and dead-side joins are prohibited. Visitors/transitting aircraft should call Sibson Radio on 120.325Mhz to ascertain the latest parachuting situation. The airfield is PPR. Visitors must be equipped with radio.

While parachuting is in progress:
Transiting aircraft must not penetrate the ATZ.
Helicopters may not operate in the ATZ.

Inbound aircraft are to call Cottesmore Zone on 130.200Mhz when 15nm from Wittering. If no RT contact is established during Wittering operational hours aircraft must avoid the Wittering MATZ except for that part that lies to the south of Sibson and descend to Sibson circuit height before entering.

Sibson has two runways: 06/24, and 15/33.

Runway 06
Circuit Direction: Right Hand
TORA: 676m
TODA: 676m
ASDA: 779m
LDA: 468m

Runway 24
Circuit Direction: Left Hand
TORA: 468m
TODA: 468m
ASDA: 779m
LDA: 676m

Runway 15
Circuit Direction: Left Hand
TORA: 551m
TODA: 551m
ASDA: 551m
LDA: 551m

Runway 33
Circuit Direction: Right Hand
TORA: 551m
TODA: 551m
ASDA: 551m
LDA: 424m

Lighting: Lighting is available on Runway 15/33 between 1st Nov and 31st March (and by arrangement) and includes edge lighting and APAPI 4°.

Caution should be exercised on the approach to Runway 24 as high-tension power lines are present.
Trees on Runway 06 approach/24 climbout.


Noise Abatement

Please avoid overflying local villages - in particular the villages of Elton (downwind 06/24), Water Newton (Upwind 06), Stibbington (Upwind 33, Final 15) andWansford (Upwind 33, Final 15).

Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated by both the residents of these villages and the airfield owner/operator. :wink:

Sibson Radio (Air/Ground): 120.325Mhz
Cottesmore Zone (LARS/MATZ): 130.200Mhz
Circuit Hight: 1000ft QFE
Airfield Elevation: 130ft
Runway Surface: Grass
A/D Lat/Long: N5233.35 W00023.18

Aerodrome Information: Sibson School of Flying

Fuel: Avgas 100LL
Oil: W100, W80, 15W50, S80, W100 (Subject to availability)
Food: New cafe/bar open. Hot/Cold drinks, sandwiches and general snacks also available from the clubhouse.
Engineering: CAA Approved. J&J Engineering (01832 280984). Busy Bee Aero Engineering is also based at the airfeld.

Sibson School of Flying

Link: Sibson School of Flying

Sibson School of Flying operates a varied fleet of aircraft available for instruction and private hire:

Robin HR200/120B
Cessna 152
Cessna A152 Aerobat
Piper PA28-161 Warrior II
Cessna 172N
Pitts S2A
Piper PA18-95 Super Cub
DH82A Tiger Moth
DHC1 Chipmunk.

Sibson School of Flying offers training for the JAR-PPL(A), NPPL(SSEA), Night Qualification, IMC Rating, Tailwheel Conversions, AOPA Aerobatic Certifcate and Safety Pilot Certificate.

A strong, friendly club atmosphere is present at this lovely grass airfield, so why not pop-in?

For PPR, call Sibson School of Flying on 01832 280289.

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By Steve H
Worth saying that the first hundred metres or more of 24 are noticeably uphill, then it levels out, but with some fairly scary tall trees at the far end.

Oh, and they occasionally get an awesome and well worth watching ad-hoc run and break by the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the BBMF who are based not far from here.

Lovely little B&B right next to the airfield.

WiFi available on the airfield.
By sibsonsean
[quote='Steve H']
Oh, and they occasionally get an awesome and well worth watching ad-hoc run and break by the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the BBMF[/quote]

I have a great picture of the Lanc doing a pass recently - I'll post them here shortly!

We also have the occasional Harrier from RAFs Wittering and Cottesmore! :D
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By Goonhilly
Steve H wrote:With some fairly scary tall trees at the far end.

If I learnt there (and passed :scratch: :D ), anyone can use it comfortably.

I haven't looked at the stats (if they indeed exist) but would be unsurprised if there have been fewer accidents at EGSP than at other similar sized GA fields. Simply, the trees make it obvious that sloppy W&B etc won't get you far (600m at the most) unlike some fields that may let you think that you might 'get away with it'. A 'classic' airfield in the Shires.
By sibsonsean
Here are some pictures of the Lancaster doing a pass some time last year:

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By timr
Goonhilly wrote:Simply, the trees make it obvious that sloppy W&B etc won't get you far (600m at the most) unlike some fields that may let you think that you might 'get away with it'.

There is a gap in them (to the left ) :)

I did my PPL and resident. A great place.
By The Mauler
The other side of the coin is I extracted one of Busy-Bee's Cessna 150's from the wood outside the airfield the day before the 1986 gales !!

I went in vertically about 30 feet beyond the road and was very impressive.
By aerofurb
The Aerobat in question, G-AXVC (and being flown by a solo student) was attempting to go around with 40 degrees of flap down which were retracted as it got to the trees with plenty of height in hand - at a speed that required flaps to be down at least a bit for it to keep flying.

You can't blame the trees for poor pilotage. Plenty of people have learnt there and it is no more dangerous than plenty of other short grass runway GA airfields - if you fly properly.
By Lefty
I flew from Sibson for a number of years without problem. Had a frightening experience on 24 when the club forgot to tell me that the nice new C 150 they'd allocated to me - had a coarse prop on it!

Now, with an additional 35 years of flying experience behind me, I know that I should have abandoned the take off when we were still firmly attached to the ground as we passed the hangar thinking "this doesn't seem quite right - we are a lot slower than usual at this point". But then ..... I just put it down to a heavy pax and wet grass and assumed it would fly - just as it had always done in the past.
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