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By NickC
Very friendly unlicenced airfield near Harwich, Essex. £10 landing fee for light singles. Refreshments available, including hot food soon I believe. PPR required, with noise abatement procedures (details at although the site appears to be down at the time of writing).
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By jollyrog
I visited Great Oakley yesterday.

It's a well kept and friendly place. I had some problems with my PPR - couldn't get an answer on the telephone, so called on the radio 40 mins before my (hoped for) arrival and got permission over the air. He does say on the web site though that permission should be obtained by telephone. The website: has all of the details you'll need.

Upon paying the landing fee, Tim (the owner) made tea/coffee for both me and my passenger. He told us about his plans for the place. He's pretty much finished a kitchen and food will soon be served. It looked very good.

The runways are immaculate and well marked. It wasn't hard to spot from the air. I'll be going back sometime.
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By Night Hawk
Visited Great Oakley for the first time today and must admit that this is a really nice little airfield, the radio is manned but its pot luck if your calls were answered. My visit was a last minute choice enroute from Seething and PPR given again by Radio with no problems at all.

Upon paying my £10 landing fee, Tim the owner made me a cup of tea and was a very friendly.

I will be back.




By Up and down
I'd just like to echo what other visitors have said. A very pretty and friendly airfield, well worth a visit.

Hosting the RAC air races next weekend.
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By Race200
Ditto to all of the above comments. Tim made me a cuppa as well on arrival.

I'll be back:-)