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By Flyin'Dutch'
Although not strictly my 'home' field it is the one I use most as a base for refuelling, customs etc. Whenever the Maule is unavailable I rent the Robin from there.

Friendly folk and a brand new cafe run by Sheila and her crew.

Definitely worth a visit. Fuel available and dispensed by the ever helpful crew lead by Chris.

If you take up more than 60 liters the landing fee is waved.

Make sure you do get PPR so they can brief you on the approach procedures, very easy and non challenging but as they have some Nimbys they are keen you adhere to them.
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By Sheds
Great Aerodrome :D

Very well managed by Chris who is always very helpful.:thumright:

Turweston Aerodrome:

Live weather feed: ... /index.htm

Home to Turweston Flying School which now also offers advanced Flying Training. Formation, Aeros etc...
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By softnotes
Bloomer wrote:Agreed, a very nice place to visit. :)

I'll second that.
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By JJMurphy
Is Turweston available to visit during Christmas holidays?
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By Pianorak
JJMurphy wrote:Is Turweston available to visit during Christmas holidays?

Courtesy of NATS:

Q) EGTT/QFALC/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5202N00106W005
FROM: 08/12/24 13:00 TO: 09/01/03 09:00
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By Flyin'Dutch'

Thanks for adding that.
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By Exatco
The A/G at the last VAC flyin was a textbook illustration of how not to do it, varying from nil response to de facto ADC .
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By Sheds
[quote='Exatco']The A/G at the last VAC flyin was a textbook illustration of how not to do it, varying from nil response to de facto ADC .[/quote]

Being a frequent user of Turweston I feel duty-bound to respond to the above comment. The VAC fly-in was a tremendous success which was the result of the huge efforts of a very small team. The A/G service I was privy to was exemplary and managed to deal with the 180(?) plus movements, resulting in a safe and very enjoyable day out.

Talking about ‘text book’ what I did note was that quite a few ‘visitors’ had obviously not read the noise abatement procedures.

Ex ATCO it’s a shame that is all that you took away from a great day which epitomised what is great about GA in the UK.
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By joe-fbs
I flew into Turweston on the day of the VAC fly-in. I didn't know it was on, I just needed somwehere close to home to go and achieve my last solo hour before skills test. Anyway, especially as they were so busy seeing away the last of the VAC departures as the wind got stronger, I thought the A/G operator and everyone else I spoke to were more than helpful, giving continuous wind updates to this somehwat nervous pre-qualification pilot just inside his club limits for cross wind.
Just visited--first time since 15 years ago. Very friendly guys in tower--cafe fine.

nice place to visit. Left me "at there-if anyone finds it--please keep--could be valuable as ROG wore it.
By znww5
Just an update on the cafe at Turweston. It recently changed hands and is now open 1200-1500 weekdays and 1000-1500 weekends (local time) - drinks and snacks are available from the flying club outside those hours.
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By Dominic
Called in to Turweston today. Very nice airfield with very helpful staff who sorted us out. Lovely sandwiches in the cafe and excellent Sponge Cake! :D Some interesting aircraft to have a look at aswell. Well worth a visit.