What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By DamienB
Tony Moore (Iron Maiden/Cutting Crew/etc.) is doing an aerial tour of a good chunk of the UK, performing a gig or two on each day while transporting all his gear around in his own C172. Not bad for a new PPL...!

More info here:
https://www.teenagecancertrust.org/arti ... php?Id=556


17th Aug Wycombe Air Centre, High Wycombe at 13.00
17th Aug Goodwood at 19.30 with special guest Robert Hart
18th Aug The Aviator Bar / Restaurant, Sandown at 19.30
19th Aug The Compton Abbas Airfield Terrace, Compton Abbas at 13.00
19th Aug The Club House, White Waltham at 18.00 with special guests Jack Savoretti & Bruce Dickinson
24th Aug Swansea Airfield Bar & Restaurant, Swansea at 18.00 with special guests The Storys / Karl Morgan
25th Aug Windsock Caf
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By nobby
Iron Maiden? for the forum lot? :roll:

may try and sneak into WW
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By Rob P
nobby wrote:Iron Maiden? for the forum lot? :roll:

Most of us date that far back :(

Rob P
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By Chipmunk Carol
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What a brilliant idea. Will you be doing the photography for the tour then, Damien? I would have thought that you would at least offer to fly the a/c for him after the shows, so that he can drink.