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By The Baron
Anyone got any tips on visiting the isle of man?

Looking at pooleys, handling is mandatory? can you get around having to pay for ground handling for light aircraft - maybe through friendly clubs?

Anyone been recently and know approx landing fee / overnight fee?

Erm, oh - whats the deal with the terrorism act forms etc?

Most importantly - any good campsites / pubs nearby - maybe on a cliff / beach :shock:

Thats it! Thanks
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By Dave Phillips
I regularly fly across the Irish Sea via IOM. Just one point about weather. I don't know why, but the whole world can be 8/8 blue sky with 50+ kms viz and, sure as eggs are eggs, get within 10nm of the Isle and the chances are it is covered in cloud. I'm sure it's not always like that but I have yet to overfly the place without encoutering lowish (<2500ft) cloud, reduced vis or a bit of interesting turbulence.

I'm sure it is a nice place, really.
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By strangely brown

I just logged in to ask a question about IOM flying.

I'm visiting by car in a couple of weeks and want to take a Jolly around the island. I'm not bothererd about doing a check ride and hiring, I'm quite happy to rent an instructor as well :wink:

It appears from a quick google that there are two options at Ronaldsway, The Ashley Gardner SoF and Manx Flyers Aero Club. Does anyone have any experience of either? Who should I go to?

Hope you don't mind me hitching a ride on your thread :?


By nigelisom
Strangely Brown

Manx Flyers treated me well a couple of months ago see Dublin Flyers post just above here and follow the link for lots more info!

By neutron
The following may be of help:

No prior notice is required under the terrorism act if flying from a 'designated airfield' in the UK, just turn up, inform Special Branch and go. 12hrs notice is required to fly from non-designated airfileds.

It's a shame that the Aero Club sees visiting light aircraft as a profit opportunity ; as stated on the airport's web site, handling is not mandatory outside the restricted zone. The airport charges only
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By stealth
The Baron wrote:Anyone got any tips on visiting the isle of man?

Most importantly - any good campsites / pubs nearby - maybe on a cliff / beach :shock:

Loads of great pubs and campsites, nice place near the airport for camping is Port Soderic, a little rocky cove but currently no pub there as it closed down some years back.

Douglas is great for a big night out, try Colors & Paramount City night clubs, or Castletown next to airport is good for a quieter one.

You've probably guessed I love the place and spend a fair bit of time there.
By critic99
Can you go straight into Andreas from the UK or do you have to go into Ronaldsway first for IOM customs/SB??
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By dublinpilot
You would have to give the special branch and custom the required notice to go straight to Andreas.

No big deal really.
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By KNT754G
Phone MAnx Flyers if going to Ronaldsway (as I am doing this Sat on way to EGAB) for good rate re landing fee.

DCT Andreas is no problem, book PPR and phone IoM police and tell them what you are doing.
Fill in the form in the portakabin at Andreas and drop it and your landing fee in the box.

Runways at Andreas are stony/weedy but 800 metres plus.
By VSUK Colin Tozer
I was due to go to IOM today from Bristol but TAF was all socked in - so Dave can really appreciate your comments!

Went to Norwich instead and had a radio failure problem on arrival.. nice :wink:

Apparantly no engineers anywhere on the ground in Norwich - couldn't believe it. OK the ops guys were busy and the landing fee reasonable but I can't believe they had no other options!

Went VFR to Seething just down the road much more helpful & friendly.. a temporary repair provided and uneventful trip home to Bristol.
By Pcdabbler
The only handling I received from Manx flyers when visiting was the removal of
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By Peter Pan
It must have gone up since I went there! About