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By Pilot H
Looking at the south western isles of Scotland for a possible few days trip.

I have Glenforsa Hotel booked for the first night, but then where? (PA28 so grass strips are OK)

I have the following list:


Does anyone have any particular recommendations or advice?

- Nice hotels/B&B's?
- Good Food?
- Beaches?
- Cycle routes?

All "do's and don'ts" appreciated!
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By Keef
Oban is nice. Glenforsa is very nice.

Tiree is an anagram of "1 Tree" - and I don't think that tree has survived.

I loved Islay, especially the restaurant overlooking the sea at Bowmore. Some day, I'll persuade M to let me take her there.
It's not cheap, but the food was excellent and the atmosphere likewise. (The company was pretty good that time, too).

I've not been to Benbecula, but those who have call it "Benpeculiar" and recommend against visiting.

AndyR's website will give you some clues about a recent trip we made up there. Flying up the Great Glen and round the top is a breathtaking experience, too.
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By Keef
Oh - and there's a very highly recommended Forum Hotel at Oban. 2Ds will tell you the name - it was full when we went. Or we couldn't afford it - I forget which.

In Oban, the fish restaurant on the quayside is superb - Adam and I have promised ourselves to visit it again soon.
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By Adam
Keef wrote:In Oban, the fish restaurant on the quayside is superb - Adam and I have promised ourselves to visit it again soon.

That will be EeUsk!
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By muffin
Actually if you don't want to go all the way into Oban, the Wide Mouthed Frog at the marina on the road in from Connel is quite good.
By Castle Kennedy
I shall have to sing my own praises for this one. Why not stop at Castle Kennedy on the way. Good hotel, good countryside, new tar on runway, and definately in the "south West"!
By novpap
Airfield in Skye is miles away from anything interesting, so I wouldn't plan to stay there. Try Plocton (not an island I know!), but it is great and only 15 mins from Skye. Plocton Inn is the place to stay.
When in Islay do visit the Bowmore distillery.
You should also try Bute, which has 500m of grass for the Air Ambulance, and is just outside the Glasgow control zone. The Kingarth hotel is 10 mins walk away and does great food, although I have not stayed.
By DRJADewar
Just had an overnight at Islay, staying in Bowmore, drinking and returning with products of the (new) Islay Brewery at Bridgend, and having had an excellent meal at the Taj Mahal in Bowmore. Islay is highly recommended.

Nearby, Gigha is handy, too.
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By eharding
Another vote for Islay - fantastic place. Take time to visit the Bruichladdich distillery next to Port Charlotte if you arrive by air (and especially if you arrive in a Yak - if you're lucky, there may still be some of the recent 'Drambuster' special edition malt bearing the flying Yak logo)

Beaches? - fly round the island at inspect them at first hand - but there is a particularly nice spot on the east just where the road runs out at Ardtalla - I've never seen sand quite like it - blindingly white.
By PeteM
Gigha is worth a visit if you're looking for peace and quiet. Otherwise Plockton although not strictly an island is well worth dropping into. You'll doubtless find much in the archives here with a little searching.
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By Pete L
Just got back from Tiree. Very unusual place, loved the peace and quiet.

Take the covers for the cowlings - Tiree is almost all fine sandy soil and the wind blows continuously.

According to the Rough Guide and a couple of other people I spoke to, Glebe House is *the* place to stay.

We stayed at the Scaranish, which is a hotel on the way up, but not yet as good as the Glenforsa. People are very friendly, everything works, and the food is basic but very well cooked.