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By Cub
Yes they have.

(But probably not from the rear seat of a Chipmunk in a crosswind) :wink: :lol:
By M609
Trondheim, sure, if you climb a bit, or stay up for a while. Bergen? You will be in for a wait.....
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By BlueRobin
How do you calculate official sunset and sunrise, or do night rules go out the window for a day VFRer?
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By Merlin83b
We've been discussing that one BR, with the conclusion that nobody knows! As all our pilots are instrument rated, it's not much of a concern for us!
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By Timothy
It is a very interesting time of the year here, because two nights ago it got properly dark (admittedly not for long), last night it was gloomy at midnight, but you could still see for miles, tonight it will be completely light all night. Sunrise and sunset move by 30 minutes a day!
By M609
How do you calculate official sunset and sunrise,

We have official tables for each airport in Norway, I belive it's a national MET office product.
Google turned up this:

Input LAT/LONG and time zone down in "Form B"

I checked it with our table at work, and it's accurate to within 1-3 minutes. (But it has some occational errors as well)

The national regulations allow flight from twilight to twilight for day VFR pilots on the JAR FCL PPL.

Since it's never twilight in Trondheim in the month of june, it's possible to fly day VFR H24. It's still 3 1/2 hrs from sunset to sunrise at midsummer though. In Bergen you will need a night rating, and it's hrs between sun up/down. (If that's an option in the UK)