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I'm planning a trip for this summer with my RV7 plus wife around UK (I'm coming from Milan).
I'd like to stay in UK for 1 week, can you suggest best airfields with best things to see in walking distance?
Well that's too much... anyway if you have suggestions, they are welcomed
Thanks Luigi
By DRJADewar
I think it depends on how far north you want to go. Some marvellous scenery all over, but perhaps a lot of it in the north and in Scotland.

The airfields are rather further apart in the north, but a lot are within easy reach of accommodation and things to do/see.

Equally, the south probably has the highest concentration of the 'tourist trail' locations, and there are a lot more airfields concentrated together.

Perhaps some info. as to the geographical bounds of your trip, and your interests would help narrow things down a bit.
By The Wombat
Luigi, I cannot strongly enough recommend Enniskillen (St Angelo's) airport which is in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. The Fermanagh lakes are legendary and only a short taxi ride from the field.

The field itself is modern, safe and secure. You could do much worse than stay for the night!

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The Wombat
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By Ben Twings
Hi Luigi,

It might help narrow things down if you have a preference for the type of attraction you're interested in.

For coastal scenery try Alderney, Perranporth, Hawarden, Carnarfon .... (plus most of Scotland).

Cheesy seaside resorts Southend, Clacton, Blackpool.....

Museums: Duxford, Old Warden, Weybourne....

Nice pubs - we have some near Enstone, but almost anywhere.

Give us some clues and I'm sure we can sort something out.

p.s. Was that your RV7 I saw at Ferrara last year (Raduno CAP)? I was in the RV from the UK.
By luigi_wilmo
Yes, Ben I'm the guy of the RV7 in Ferrara!
Congratulations for your nice x-country to Ferrara!

Thanks for the advice of everyone, it is difficult for me to narrow, because I came many times in UK, but only in London.
What I know (and saw) is only from Flyer, Pilot or other mags.

Regarding Scotland, since I'm not IFR/IMC rated, is it relatively easy to be stuck somewhere for the weather?
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By Delta Juliet

Why not try and come to the PFA rally called Flying For Fun. Its 19-21 Aug at Kemble.
Lots of other homebuilt aircraft and like minded souls.

I would also suggest The imperial war museum at Duxford airfield. The flying days are great but very busy. Otherwise its an interesting museum with occasional interesting aircraft in the pattern.
Cambridge is a short bus ride (10km) and is worth spending a day or two looking round while you leave the aircraft at Duxford.

The Shuttleworth collection
is at Old Warden and has an evening air display on 19th Aug which would fit in well with other events. The collection of aircraft go back 90 years and it is spectacular to watch the oldest ones perform on a still summer evening. You do need to book if you want to fly in as numbers are restricted.

I do agree about visiting either Alderney or Guernsey in the Channel Islands on your way here or back. Both are very aviation friendly with airport car hire at 20 Euros per day and very cheap Avgas. They are both very beautiful islands with superb beach and cliff walks.

These are some suggestions. Let us know what things you like to do other than flying and I'm sure more suggestions will come flying back.
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If you want to visit Stratford 0n Avon there's Wellesbourne.
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By Stephen Morley

I expect you will be fed up with flying by the time you get here so here are some airfields near sites.

White waltham is near Windsor castle, the queen lives there, well worth a visit.

Stonehenge is near Old Sarum. OK, but tourists always say it is smaller than they expected.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is near Compton Abbas. See English hal for explanation.

A circular trip round ondon will give you spectacular views of the City including the millenium wheel (from afar) the dome, Wembley , the thames barrier and the skyscrapers.

Shoreham is architecturally ineresting having been built in the Art Deco or modernist style plus flying along the coast there is good.
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By MikeB
A whole gang of us forumites are flying down to Latina in May. :D :D

Why not come along to Latina and say hello - we could then give you some advice in person
By camlobe
Luigi, you could consider sampling aviation in various parts of the UK and Ireland. Perhaps something like White Waltham, Shobden, Caernarfon, short trip across to Weston in Ireland (the Irish coast is as close to Caernarfon as Liverpool), up to Inniskilin, over to Carlisle, down to Breighton, further south to Duxford (a must for an aviation aficianado) and then...go the other way around?