What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By Keef
Johnny, you were at Quiberon last time I went there. As I recall, the FISO knew you well.
By Johnny
To answer you, yes and no.

I was there yesterday and Pierre asked me to post his message. He also asked whether the information might go on Pprune. Can anyone help?
I just put it on PPRUNE. I also sent it to the magazines
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By Adrian
Your thread title wasn't as impressive, Johnny!

Sorry Johnny, I had not realised you had already posted a thread. Pierre called me yesterday asking me to put something on the UK sites. I did not realise that, being such a good marketter, he had asked several of us!
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By pierre
HI you are 47 aircrafts , registred, for our fly-in. :o :o

Please more and more , we want to be 100 aircrafts. :P :P

Sea foood,giant bbq, sea ,sun , friends and Jazz 8) 8) 8) :P 8) 8)

I am waiting :wink:

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By PeteSpencer
Just heard from pierre on another matter:

They are about to go live with an English translation of their website and will have an English speaking person on AFIS. which should take out some of the stress for non-francophones.

He has also mentioned that there will be parachuting that weekend and therefore NO OVERHEAD JOINS , instead integrate on the downwind leg.

(See sia site above for circuit directions etc.)

Still not sure about this one: if all goes will the Latina mob should be in St Malo on the Friday night, and its a long weekend.



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By Foie Gras
That's pretty much my thinking 100% Peter - IIRC Quiberon is 78nm from Dinard and I could quite fancy a couple of days R&R and some cool jazz :boohoo:

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By Graham P
Pete S wrote:He has also mentioned that there will be parachuting that weekend and therefore NO OVERHEAD JOINS , instead integrate on the downwind leg.

This can be quite disconcerting the first time you experience it. Last time I went to Quiberon, which was not the same time that a group from here went, I joined downwind and was told there were parachutes in the air. On final approach there were chutes popping open somewhere above me and more landing just to the left of the runway. For a moment I thought I'd blundered in where I shouldn't be so queried it with the tower who cheerfully told me to carry on and land. It struck me that a go around could have presented an interesting dilemma! Very colourful mind you!!
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By BE35
Quiberon is great, I will be there Pierre :wink: That almost rhymes :roll:
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By pierre
I read on this forum " Chipmunk anniversary "

Does anybody have, adress or contact with a chipmunk group .

I would like to see chipmunk in Quiberon .

This year again, Laurent Leconte prehaps ,come from Nantes with his chipmunk, but one or two coming from U.K ??????? :P :P :P :P