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By cbrauweiler
Hi all,
we would like to visit the UK, probably all the way up to northern Scotia, in late May with two or three microlights.
What kind of weather could we typically expect at that time of the year?
Any recomendations for nice airfields, places to visit, with nice B&B near the field?
Thank you in advance for any information.
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By Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28
This is the UK, so the weather can do anything at any time. Snow in May is possible (but unlikely) as is 25 degree sunshine.

Typically, temperatures in May are in the 15 - 20 range, slightly cooler further north. Good flying weather is quite likely, but never guaranteed.

I personally cannot fly in late May because I am allergic to oil seed rape pollen that flowers all over the UK. If any of your group suffer from hay fever this may be a problem.

If you go to Scotland then I can recommend the Glenforsa hotel, which has a private strip.
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By Neil Kent
It will probably be raining or sunny, possible hot or cold, maybe windy. Sometimes with good visibility but often not.

Thats the U.K. weather for you!

Hope you make it over.
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By Rob P
Neil Kent wrote:It will probably be raining or sunny, possible hot or cold, maybe windy. Sometimes with good visibility but often not.

You forgot to mention it will be changeable.

Rob P
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By Irv Lee
Rob P wrote:You forgot to mention it will be changeable.
Rob P

or maybe not!
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By vintage ATCO
Do pop in and see us at Old Warden. Aviation museum to look round where the exhibits fly on display days, and plenty of nice accommodation in the area. Maybe we can organise a fly-in where you can meet some other forumites, if you're brave . . . :twisted:
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By Dave Phillips
The Western Isles (someone has already mentioned Glenforsa) are a reasonable bet in May. I am led to believe that this is the most predictable time of the year and, last year, I had a wonderful few days up there.
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By skydriller
Vintage atco,
Do pop in and see us at Old Warden

Are you sure its quite safe, what with the SAM threat and all the Oerlikons dotted about? :guns: :lol:

No, but seriously, can you fly-in to visit the museum? And what about display days? I would definitely add Old Warden to my list of places to visit for my summer UK trip if it was.

Regards, SD..
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By vintage ATCO
What for the AIC to come out in March. It gives all the display dates and the arrangements for visiting on display and non-display days. The runway is currently closed whilst it consolidates.
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By Neil MacG
Based on historical data, the following link will give you an indication of UK weather likely to be encountered at each time of year.

May is traditionally a pretty good time, but from experience it is also a good time for massive thunderstorms!

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By Adam
Whatever the weather is I can guarantee you that it will be interesting and different 24 hours later.

The english like weather :D :D
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By cbrauweiler
Thank you all for the answers.
Seems, as if late May is the best we can get in terms of British Weather :lol:
And we surely want to check Glenforsa airfield / hotel as well as one or the other aviatic-museum on the way up north.
Upon coming closer to May and fixing our route, I will surely get into contact again.
Thanks again and greetings,