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Morten wrote:Good job, @Hazel C . Some would argue that it should be only tailwheel which counts ;)

Congratulations, @Rhys Chandler :thumleft: Fabulous step forward - have you come down from cloud nine yet? Enjoy!
Special chocolate frog for being this year's first to pass :sunny:

Let's hope for many more :)

Not quite yet, still within the 10 days for my licence to turn up!! Very excited :D
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Now that I have my log book back from the CFI, I can answer that question: just over 73 hours over the course of 2.5 years - with significant interruptions due to a medical issue (needed to change pills and re-stabilise), two close bereavements within 2 weeks of each other, and two lockdowns. I am trying not to multiply the hours by the per-hour cost. I am also wincing slightly at this week's costs - test aircraft hire, exam fee, licence application fee, and a headset for my partner - an easy way to spend >£1k!
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Just noticed this new thread for 2021. Did think of posting in the 2020 thread as my pass came before this thread started but completely forgot about it...

Anyway, following on from my post in September 2020, after the AoC was pushed back twice resulting in a 3 months delay (or 6 months in total), I passed my FI AoC on the 19th March. There's now one more incompetent, I mean fresh instructor trying not to crash in the world! Better duck everyone! :lol:

Now back to doing my CPL...well specifically an Austro/EASA conversion...
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Top news. :D Following up on your first take-off, your aircraft is displaying excellent endurance ;) And you are clearly managing to progress notwithstanding the weather, all of which bodes well for the summer :thumleft:
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