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My ID stuff was accepted by the CAA but I'm waiting for a rebate having applied on 10th November...!
To be fair, it appears that I'm the only known case in which the application has disappeared in their 'systems' and they promised to prioritise my EC rebate just before Christmas.

EDIT: I've had a very pleasant email from a named friendly person at the CAA promising that it will be in my account next week :thumleft:
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My rebate was submitted on 24th December and I received an email this morning stating my address doesn't match my licence address.

That is probably because I've recently moved and as the CAA doesn't take anyone's word for their new SEP revalidation date when changing their address I need to have a photocopy countersigned by our CFI. Now because our club is all voluntary and between moving and lockdowns I haven't been able to have this bit done but am working on it (catch 22)!

I couldn't put my original address down on it as the receipt from Transair has my new address on it...

Hopefully my explanation together with confirming my previous address will be enough for them to process my rebate...