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By Rob P
The DC isn't ANR so can be forgotten.

Of the others, personally I would be unwilling to sacrifice bluetooth, used for Pilot Aware / SD intelligent traffic warnings, though I am guessing with another bit of wire the Aux In could substitute.

Rob P
By Jamie Evens
Bluetooth would be nice, but I don't support the current cost of it as adding a extra £100 for Bluetooth seems silly to me, especially when I can buy a Bluetooth adapter and plug it into my headphones for under £7.
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By carlmeek
I would strongly recommend eBay to get a used set.

Last week I bought Bose aviation X, absolutely immaculate £350. My previous set, also Bose, £400.

They can be repaired if anything is wrong so can last for a long time. These Bose sets are far nicer than ones at that price new.
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By seanxair
I have a twice used RayTalk PH-100AC-BT for sale if anyone is interested. Same model as sold by SEHT and a few other UK sellers (some on AFORS for £399 at present). In a shade of green that is DC like.

Comes with an electret mic as standard but I was also supplied with a dynamic mic which will come with it. I have Nanocomm in ears which I much prefer but wanted to give these a go. Very nice, comfy and work well. £280 + Postage.