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By foxmoth
I often find that I open the Forums then as I go to open the GA forums that the page jumps, probably because it loads an advert and I have then hit “new posts” instead, is there a fix for this?
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By skydriller
Me too. Its something to do with the top of page ads loading, usually you try to press on the little star for last uread post and the page jumps meaning you hit a different thread....
By riverrock
I've also had scrolling get stuck on my phone a few times - it won't scroll past the advert that appears half way down the page between posts, then won't scroll up either. Only way past it is to refresh the page.
By A22_Driver
I too get the "advert jump" on a PC. I understand the reasons for the increase in advertising, but for me, the changes make the site unpleasant to view and I now only take a quick look here once a day.

I'm probably a typical lurker and rarely post, but I used to spend a lot of time learning and enjoying this forum.