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By PaulB
Having watched previous series, it’s amazing that whatever the task, there’s always *someone* that has the skills and knowledge.

I enjoy it.... I also enjoyed Grand Tours of the Scottish Lochs which was on BBC2 just before the repair shop. More slow TV but with a decent presenter and stunning scenery.
By profchrisreed
I watched the first two episodes of Series 1 and gave up in disgust. I make ukulele and guitars for a hobby, and the level of craftsmanship I saw on the programme was lower than the amateurs I know.

But last week I idly looked in at a recent episode, and - wow! has it improved. The craftsmen and women (especially the leatherwork restorer) were highly skilled, and we saw some of how they actually worked.

As always there wasn't enough detail for craft nerds like me - I want a whole episode on each item's restoration please. I once nearly started restoring a harmonium, and last week's programme only scraped the surface of that process. Not enough if I decide to start on one.
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By Flyingfemme
Love it. It used to be on earlier in the day. Presumably it is now popular enough for a primetime evening slot.
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By eltonioni
It's a lovely programme for that Sunday tea with the in-laws slot that Songs of Praise and Last of the Summer Wine used to occupy. A perfect hour to let corned beef sandwiches, picked onions, red cabbage and pork pie settle. That some of the results are a bit ropey just makes it a bit more everyman.

The country should be networked with these places. Rather sweetly my MiL took some convincing that The Workshop was a TV stage set with an auditioned ensemble of workers. :D
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By CloudHound
It's just on the edge of the Goodwood Estate y'know.

I just love the look on people's face when the reveal happens. Must be so heartwarming to know you've saved a memory.