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By James Chan
Apparently a test-run for supporting the field hospital in the Excel Centre.

I wonder what the landing fee was!
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By Ibra
PeteSpencer wrote:Shame video didn't see how much runway left.
Anyone venture a guess?

500m for landing and triple that for takeoff at max weight :D ?
By chevvron
PeteSpencer wrote:Great to see the Khe Sanh approach!
Shame video didn't see how much runway left.
Anyone venture a guess?


That was never a Khe Sanh, it was just a 'normal' (for London City) 5.5 deg GP approach.
For a Khe Sanh, he would have maintained 2000ft until about 1nm final then stuffed the nose down with flap and gear to create drag as it's all too easy to let the speed build up with a Khe Sanh.
I once watched one from the tower at Shawbury which is about 1/3rd of the runway along; speed too high; touched down nosewheel first abeam the tower.
Seen many at Farnborough doing 'role demos' and I can assure you you get an excellent view of the top of the aircraft when it's done properly.
Anyway I doubt the pilot would have been authorised for a Khe Sanh at City as it would have been his/her first visit.
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By PeteSpencer

There are stacks of Khe Sanh videos on Y-tube including one from N Weald in 1993 from a different angle. Take yer pick

@chevvron When I use the term to describe a steep or unusual approach to land (as in my fave to 05 in Funchal) I am doing it with tongue in cheek.
But thanks for your post anyway. :roll:

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