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By EdH
Hypothetical situation, you've got up to £5m to play with, plus a 30x30m hangar to store them in.

What three aircraft would you buy for…

1. Sheer flying joy.
2. Your kind of regular GA flying.
3. Beautiful to look at, even when parked.

If our three categories don't suit, feel free to create your own if you've got good ideas…

Off you go!

First trip would be to Pilatus for a shiny new PC-12NG with 4+2 seating. That would take care of the family flying duties.

I would like something rotary, so probably A Hughes 500 (preferably with M134's fitted).

That leaves the warbird... A Hurricane would be perfect, but I would want to share the experience so that's out. A radial would be nice, so perhaps a Harvard, but to get both kids in I would need to go for a Grumman Avenger.

I reckon I could just about do that with £5M.
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Just a PT-19 Stearman for me . It ticks all three boxes .

Rest of the space I’d have a few cars and an old vintage tractor.

And in the corner would be a bar . Where Ms Claudia Schiffer worked. And in the corner of the bar , a dartboard , with a picture of Ms G. Thunberg pinned to it. 8)
1. My current aeroplane
2. P51-D
3. Hunter

Plus the mezzanine apartment overlooking the lot.


Hmmmmmmm best stop daydreaming and resting on this brush. The floor ain’t going to sweep itself.

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By Dave W
Not aligned with the parameters, as they overlap.

Beaver (with float & ski options)
AS355 Twin Squirrel (with PPL(H) thrown in)

If there's any change, I'll also have a Piper L-4 with true warbird heritage for the warm summer evenings, and an authentic jeep to drive to the strip when I fly it.
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By ls8pilot
1. ASH 31 mi for pure beauty
2. Beech Model 18 for going places in style
3. The restored Chipmunk from another post or maybe a Harvard for fun
4. Plus a share in a Hunter for a bit of adrenaline

Oh well, time to cut the lawn again!