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stevelup wrote:
johnm wrote:Who advised Cummings to drive to Durham

I couldn't care less if I tried. There isn't actually a word to describe how little I give a carp about this. Focus on something that matters...

Every time I see that smug git Ian Blackford appear snapping at the government ankles in situations like this I long for some excrement to hit his fan one day. :roll:

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Miscellaneous wrote:
johnm wrote:I had to Google Blackford I hadn't noticed him :oops:

:shock: :shock: Really?

I do accept Sturgeon's claim not to be playing political games at the moment. I can't say I am of that opinion re Blackford.

I tend to tune out noise and look for signal, though I think I need the political equivalent of a radio telescope at the moment :roll: :roll:
johnm wrote:A couple of amusing quotes from the legal profession:

If I were defending in the magistrates’ court this week, I would have these tweets screenshotted & ready to go for any clients charged under the Regulations. This is the position publicly taken by the Crown’s chief legal advisor and superintendent of the Crown Prosecution Service

Did the Attorney General really take that position publicly? And I have never heard of the superintendent of the Crown Prosecution Service. Is there such a post? If not, then I wonder who in the 'legal profession' provided these quotes, and why? And good luck to any lawyer who seeks to defend a client on the basis of screenshots of tweets!

Best wishes

stevelup wrote:Today's briefing was an absolute disgrace. All the MSM just asked exactly. the same questions about D.C. instead of discussing the matter at hand which was transport.

Dualling the roads in the north does mean it will be easier to travel from London to Durham. ..
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Propwash wrote:..
Why was their location an essential importance to the story? Are symptoms and suffering greater or less in Durham than London?

Grasping at straws here I think.


some graspworthy straw bales spring to my old-fashioned mind:

a. at the time of the journey North, London had a lot of infections and increasing deaths; Durham had hardly any. That his since been reversed. I am not for a moment suggesting that this journey was a contribution to 'spread', of course :roll:

b. Personally, with a clearly sick wife and (as it turned out) an incipient sickness, and a child, I would have hoped I'd have wondered if it was wise to embark on a 200+ mile journey, possibly involving stops for fuel, food and especially toilets (likely to have been needed both by sick adult and by young child, unless they were different from those I have known).

c. [now, but with retrospection] During Coalition, Cable recused himself (as Business Secretary) from 'quasi-judicially' considering a NI bid to OfCom (to take full control of Sky News. IIRC), once a paper released a recording of Cable (some time earlier) making remarks appearing to be biassed against NI. Hunt (as Culture Secretary) took over, with equal moral and arguably legal duty to be 'quasi-judicial'. After a while it emerged that one of Hunt's SpAds was passing all submissions by external parties opposing NI's bid straight to NI, enabling them to prepare a response before the arguments had been put to them in minuted meetings. Such confidentiality breaches would clearly have been a dismissal, possibly a Criminal, matter for a Civil Servant. Hunt took some time to fire the SpAd ('accept his resignation and apology', without clarifying whether Hunt knew or not that the SpAd was doing this, or had even encouraged or instructed it), and did not resign. The bid might have gone through if it had not been for the 'Millie Dowler' 'phone hacking revelations. It was much commentated at the time that this failure of a SoS to resign over SpAd misconduct was a dangerous precedent. Cummings was appointed directly by PM, and has seen fit to have other Ministers' SpAds dismissed (not for any misconduct) and Civil Servants frogmarched out of No 10, in one case effectively dismissing her.

This latest episode looks to me like the sort of worrying disregard for ethics, and possibly regulations or laws, which we are quick to decry when we see, say, Trump or Bolsonaro or Putin indulging their favoured staffers in this way. Others may say that 'that horse has bolted', of course :roll:
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I suppose where some see straw bales others just see tumbleweed. I suspect, as hinted at in your post, kanga, the personal opinion of the individual concerned may determine into which group you fall. Personally, as a generally political atheist, I find the way in which the whole issue is being distorted for political gain distasteful.

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At times like this government popularity traditionally increases irrespective of success or failure because many people basically need a comfort blanket.

However we are now seeing an issue of trust as well as competence and the collapse of the traditional structure where ministers were advised primarily by competent professionals
johnm wrote:@DC strength and weakness is that he doesn't care what anyone thinks and he gives advice he doesn't take it

That goes to the heart of his character and your argument, so evidence please, because that which asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence*.

* C Hitchens

Here’s a trust test; find a Cummings lockdown critic who didn’t vote Remain.
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