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By Trent772
Every so often, my lad (33) and I venture on a US road trip. We have done East Coast, West Coast, New York, San Fran etc.

Looking at late May, early June, about a week to 10 days with a purpose.

Looked at Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans or Seattle, all doable. The one we really wanted to do was Jellystone but it is a PITA to get there in reasonable times and costs.

So - suggestions please.

Winner will get a postcard and a stick of rock sent :thumleft: :thumleft:
By johnm
Go to mainland Europe, much better, but if you insist on the USA Boston up towards Vermont has some pleasant little places to visit....
By simon32
For a scenic trip, New England is fairly compact. You could fly to Boston, amble up Vermont, cross Lake Champlain on a ferry, make your way across the Adirondacks and the rest of New York State until Niagara Falls then make your way back through rural Pennsylvania.
Another pleasant drive is the Natchez trail from Natchez on the Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee, no billboards for 400 miles. You could take in New Orleans at the same time, although I hear that you should be wary there, especially after dark.
A trip from Washington to Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia takes you through many interesting places with wild Wisteria and beautiful gardens, and you could return via the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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Just north of Seattle is British Colombia. From there by car to Glacier Bay, play “spot the British colonial name” game.

Visit places like Victoria, Port Hardy, Hunter Island etc .

The irony of course, for the majority, the names have absolutely b8gger all to do with their “home/colonial” namesake.

Actually, forget going by car....this is flight forum ;)
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By kanga
Canadian Maritimes (or Quebec East of Montreal if you're happy in French), flying to Montreal or Halifax; or Newfoundland, flying to St John's. Stunningly beautiful, and unknown or disregarded even by many other Canadians. Everything that's nice about rural US (people, places, views) without many of the things which can be not quite so nice.
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By flybymike
Bill McCarthy wrote:Scrub round America - do the North Coast 500 !

Me and Mrs fbm were going to do that in the motorhome until we saw the state of the roads. :roll:
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By kanga
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Use my method. Look up where the air museums which you haven't visited yet are. :D


Fill your boots in the Maritimes ..

Halifax, NS:

Shearwater, NS:

Summerside, PEI: ... tage-park/

New Brunswick: ... /index.htm

Montreal, Quebec:

St Hubert:
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue: ... on-museum/

Gander, NL:

St John's, NL (for wireless geeks :) ):,_St._John%27s

There are also historic displays within the Terminal building at the airport, the former RCAF Torbay (first RCAF overseas base, from when Newfoundland was not in Canada): ... al_Airport

There was last year a number of commemorative events in St John's marking the Alcock&Brown centenary. Apart from the monument shown within this thread, I'm not sure what is now permanent there:

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By avtur3
Bill McCarthy wrote:Scrub round America - do the North Coast 500 !

Sad to say that until recently I had not heard of the North Coast 500. It was drawn to my attention recently when I saw a YouTube post about driving it in a 'pure EV' (BMW i3).

The poster completed the trip around the NC 500 starting from South Yorkshire making it a 1400 round trip which was completed in under 48 hours.

The North Coast 500 is definitely on my to-do list in the next couple of years, interesting driving and spectacular scenery. :thumleft:

Edit ... just to make it more interesting

Start from Carlisle and take the west coast route to Inverness via Stranraer, Ayr, Oban and Fort William; that's another 410 miles. Then drive the NC500. Then return from Inverness to Carlisle via Aviemore, Perth, Edinburgh and Hawick, another 260 miles. That makes a round trip, to and including the NC 500, from Carlisle of just under 1200 miles.

Add to that another 700+ miles from Mid Sussex to Carlisle and back and that's a grand total of 1900+ miles. A nice little jaunt for a summer week away!
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By Charliesixtysix
flybymike wrote:
Bill McCarthy wrote:Scrub round America - do the North Coast 500 !

Me and Mrs fbm were going to do that in the motorhome until we saw the state of the roads. :roll:

Well, all I can say is that you are missing one of the best driving experiences it has been my privilege to enjoy - virtually zero traffic, excellent roads and some of the most beautiful scenery anyone could wish for. :thumleft:

A couple of images from our west coast of Scotland trip in the XK8 last April.

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By flybymike
Would love to do it Adrian, but a motorhome pulling a smart car along some of those horrendous narrow steep inclines that I’ve seen on the club forums and websites just makes me too apprehensive.
Perhaps if I could figure out a passable route.......