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By ZOGman
Where dose it all go?

Flying! Ex-Flying! - As a retired person or OAP?

Peoples with a life time of PPL flying experiences?

Are we getting into the realms of needing a PPL Veteran’s Society/Club?

Could be a new job for the Grimm reaper?
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By RisePilot
Seems you are well suited here on this forum.

Being in my early 50’s, I often think that I’m 35yrs younger than the average age on either Flyer Forum or PPrune Rotorheads

….and 35yrs older than the average age of those on Facebook’s GA Pilots or Helicopter Pilots Groups.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Nah, they're all waiting their turn.

Anyway, where does the time go? Good question. Dunno. How much do we have left? Dunno. Am I going flying this coming weekend? Hopefully!