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By Pete L
Thanks for that. I hadn't realised that Eupen was German speaking.

When we did the Salzburg trip we stopped in the Saarland on the way back. (Zweibruecken I think but it was a while ago). A bit of Googling afterwards was interesting - the French didn't fully let go of the Saarland until the 1980s - presumably when all the coal was gone.

In Our Time today did the Siege of Paris. I've always had a view that WW2 was the 3rd Franco-Prussian war.
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By kanga
Many thanks to OP for reminder :thumright:

When we were visiting Brugge I usually tried initiating conversations in my (then poor, now poorer :oops: ) Dutch. This puzzled my Flemish collocutors: I was clearly not a native speaker, I did not sound like one of the few (I gather) Walloons who try to learn Flemish or volunteer it, and obviously the Brits don't learn other languages :roll: .. so they often assumed I was from the Belgian German-speaking minority, and switched to German.
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