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By foxmoth
Am I the only person that finds this extremely hard to read, sent of a request for approval to do a PPL Examiners course the other day and still not sure I put the correct amount in (anyone know the correct fee?).
It might help if they put the application form number next to the fee, i.e. SRG\1128 -£356, it would also help if there were not still references to the old payment form (now FCS 1500 instead of SRG\1187)
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By Instructor Errant

ORS5 Table 17 row c) as you have discovered I suspect.

I agree never the easiest document to read. I suspect they don’t make it easy because when they change he charges it would mean updating more than just ORS?

There is also a fee for the AoC to pay after you have completed the FE standardisation....£212
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By foxmoth
Thanks, that what I thought it was, but still not that clear even when you find it, how much easier if they put
“For certification or re-certification as a FE for the Professional Pilot’s Licence re.-SRG1128”
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