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We have teenagers (pocket money), students, (whatever they earn at Waitrose), scholarships (nothing to lots depending), spouses ( housekeeping), lawyers ( telephone numbers), builders (even more), and so many other types calculating an average would be meaningless.
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Having spent 20 minutes of my time writing a contribution to this thread , I thought that my experiences , along with the other guys [and gals] on here may be of assistance to a young person starting out on this big and exciting road ahead .
The OP has succeeded in extracting quite a bit of personal info from people on here , who have done it in good faith .

Checking the OP's history , it appears that he is a legal professional in his 30s , and not averse to asking some rather odd questions .

So ,,,,,QM , why should the financial situations and flying habits of others on here be of such interest to you ?
Surely you have the resources to be able to carve out your own path in aviation ?
"Salary of the Average PPL Holder" is actually a rather naive question for a professional person in his/her 30s to be asking , isn't it ?
How very curious. Reviewing my post, there's nothing in there you couldn't work out from my other posts if you were bored enough to read them all, but I'm rather averse to that sort of sciolism when it occurs.

Jack.Tyler wrote:I'm a freshly-minted PPL (October), and a PhD student. I don't technically actually have a salary, but I get a tax-free stipend of 15k/yr, which is approximately £18k/yr in the "real world".

Flying is tough - I got my PPL in one year (and I have to make sure I did it in 45 hours!), and average 12-15 hours per year at the moment, renting out of Thruxton. I keep costs down by taking friends and splitting the rental a little.

Be careful what you say - I don't think that taking money for/from passengers is allowed... (if someone wan'ts to correct me on that? )
By riverrock
Cost sharing a flight is entirely legal.

Just applying for a new job at work at the moment which would see my salary increase a lot (50%) - my current boss found out and immediately offered a 16% pay rise to keep me. #winningatlife
I was being underpaid compared to IT industry norms.

2 aircraft shares but the work mentioned above and other commitments mean I rarely get to use them and I'm heavily mortgaged. Maybe not winning at life...
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Chris Martyr wrote:
Quanta Mechanic wrote:I am just curious to know what the average salary is of PPL holder. ...

May one assume that you are of the younger generation , QM ?

Not sure if 31 is of the "younger" generation ?? :D

I've been wanting to start my PPl for 2/3 years, but had some minor set-backs and got rid of a financially and emotionally destructive girlfriend - kicked her out the house, and have managed to start furnishing my house again.

Life is good now , and 2020 I think is going to the the year! - I have a steady job, but "only" earn around £25k p/a, which seems like a totally impossible salary to start flying with (and to continue flying post-training)/

Hence why I was interested to know what the general background is for PPL holder (and PPL students?)
Robin500 wrote:Mine is the square root of nothing as I have taken early retirement. Own a Beagle Terrier, hoping to keep her going for a few years yet.

I can't believe i Googled "Beagle Terrier" to see what plane it was.....
Quanta Mechanic wrote:but "only" earn around £25k p/a, which seems like a totally impossible salary to start flying with (and to continue flying post-training)

As has been mentioned, it depends on what your other outgoings are. 31 is young compared with most of us. I learnt to fly at 26. I was on about £19k at the time. It depends on how much you want it. I did a trial lesson when I was university and knew that I HAD to do it.

When I started work, I was frugal in my outgoings and saved up for a few years to do it in one go in Florida. I lived in a rented room in someone's house, I didn't go out to eat much, I didn't go out to drink. I didn't and don't smoke. In those years I managed to save £2.5k which is about what it cost me at the time, including flights, etc. I then had outgoings of about 10 hours a year at £64 an hour, flying from Cardiff whenever I went back to see my parents. The PPL in the UK at the time was about £4.5k for minimum hours, so I'd have struggled. The difference these days isn't so great.

Have you seen Leia's guide? She lived for a couple of years on beans on toast (when she could afford the toast) but she did it.

If you just want to be in the air, there are microlights, which are a bit cheaper, though not a huge amount while you're learning, depending on where you are but can be considerably cheaper afterwards, depending on what you want to fly. Gliding is also reasonably expensive while you're learning but can be much cheaper afterwards.

It also depends on what you can fit in, as I'd have no chance with microlights, and no one will let me in a glider (though I have flown a Grob 103 and a K13 in my time, though I could only fit in the back seat).

To continue my flying and even run my own aeroplane, obviously I've had pay rises since, but after buying a house, I rented out my spare room for years. I've never got married and/or had children. I've worked a lot of overtime. There's a special kind of tired when you've worked three days and nights non-stop! I've worked abroad where I've lived on expenses, thus squirreling away my salary back home. I don't live a hugely frugal lifestyle any more, but I don't do things like buying new cars (I'm 49 now and I'm on my 4th car in 33 years!) or going out for expensive meals, or taking expensive holidays (though I'm currently doing a whole load of cheap ones! :clown: ).

Quanta Mechanic wrote:I can't believe i Googled "Beagle Terrier" to see what plane it was.....

It's an Auster which Beagle messed around with.
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