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By ZOGman
Paul_Sengupta wrote:
ZOGman wrote:What does the ‘Dog’ live on?

It lives on my salary. I just get pocket money!

Haven't seen you round these parts for ages ZOGman, how are you?

I’m very well now Paul. Eyes sorted.

5 1/2 years since sale of Zoggy - reg GBFZO which became known as ZO Group - Hence ZO G MAN.

My last flight was Henstridge, Eaglescott, Gloucester - back to Henstridge, ferrying VET’s for the Grim reaper. Met Graham B at Eaglescott. - Must have been around 2013/4.

Maybe I’ll be back!!!!! - I’m now existing on pensioners pay.

However; in the meantime… What does 8.33 and Mode S mean? + The term ‘infringement’?

Plus, who is this Demon in the Sky? :D
Miscellaneous wrote:
romille wrote:Own a champ, couldn't afford sole ownership of a CofA machine.

That suggests you can afford the Champ.

That's nice! :wink:

I can thank goodness, by doing my own maintenance and not having expensive flying kit. :P
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By Dodo
No salary now, but various occupational and private pensions.

Can't complain though they are not enough to make me a higher rate taxpayer (even when state pension kicks in next year).

Own a Bolkow Junior outright and have small shares in 2 other aircraft.
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mmcp42 wrote:AA5 + pension
there's a lot of us wrinklies about!

State pension plus small private pension of £2.5k p.a.

Sold the mortgage free house, gone over to renting small property instead, no kids to worry about leaving dosh to. Now concentrating on blowing all the house dosh before I go gaga or croak, or before the government take it all off me in care fees while providing free care to everyone who never saved a penny and peed it all up against the wall.

Down side is don’t know when croaking will occur and will be very annoyed if haven’t blown it all when it does occur...... :(
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By GrahamB
Bit of a meaningless question really, as it depends as much what commitments you have.

My pension income is about what my salary was about 20 years ago, but I'm way, way better off now than I was then.
Quanta Mechanic wrote:I am just curious to know what the average salary is of PPL holder. ...

May one assume that you are of the younger generation , QM ?

Salary and spending power are two completely different things .
Most folk when beginning their journey in life don't have too much much to spare , income wise . It is only once you are getting into the 'middle-age' category when things start to look up . i.e. Mortgage not such a burden , kids leaving home ,,,[ :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: ] ,,and the possibility of being a bit more 'career established' .
It would be interesting to know how many younger PPLs are stretching themselves financially and hoping for a foothold in the airline industry , or perhaps financed by the 'Bank of Mum & Dad' .

Also , it has to be acknowledged that once you get to a certain time of life , there may be the chance of a bit of inherited cash helping to finance our favourite pastime .
There are probably quite a few super whizz-bangs up there , ripping those molecules apart that are only there thanks to old Auntie Mabel dropping off her perch .
If you have a newly acquired PPL , or are toying with the idea , then keep at it . I have known several younger guys who , over the years have scraped to get their licences , scraped to keep the minimal currency level , only to start enjoying it properly a few years later .

Unfortunate fact : Once you've got all the things in life that 'impress the birds' , you're too decrepit to do anything about it .... :lol:

Ask me how I know.... 8)
Bottom end professor level salary, average sized mortgage, three shares - two equity, one non equity, all small.

Tried sole ownership, gave up on it. Partly the cost, mostly the vastly greater demand on time to look after the aeroplane.

Actual spend fluctuates wildly for me. Last year I spent a big chunk of redundancy money on professional training and spent about £12k, 3 years ago I did similar hours but a lot of that was instructing and on net spent £1400.

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Three pensions - State + Merchant Navy & Airline Officers Fund + Esso/Exxon.
No mortgage
3 sons all married off
1 Aerobeast - RV9A
About 160-200hrs per annum

Below average in Intelligence + Patience + Eye sight
Above average in Weight
By Chris10
Train Driver, pretty much average train driver salary and I don't do overtime. PPL student and qualified glider pilot.

No aircraft shares, was tempted to do the modular route to the commercial flying world but there are quite a few factors that would put me off that at the moment. TBH, Easyjet MPL seems to be the way to go but to fund it I'd need at least another five or so years on the trains.

In the meantime, I'm hoping that the Pilot Apprenticeship framework might yield something and that anywhere which does fund training doesn't mind my three month notice period.