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Personally, all other things being equal, I would advise going somewhere where the landings are all-in. It’s a substantial subliminal disincentive to practise if you have to pay for each one.

I find the same thing with instrument approaches which often cost £40+ per approach. Much as one might want to keep as current as possible it’s quite a cost and quite a disincentive to practise.
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By AndyR
Including land aways (I landed at 7 other airfields) plus landings and circuits where each one was charged, I spent just over £2,000 on fees during my PPL. And that was nearly 20 years ago.

It’s an important cost to factor in. During circuits I recall the t&g and landings cost morethan the aircraft did. The joy of training in the south east
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By skydriller
Costs are always a factor, regardless. I agree with @David Wood that you dont want the subliminal "there goes another £xx" while doing circuits. I would say the biggest thing is "does it feel right" which you will only get by visiting them.

Often not thought about : Do not forget to factor in the ease of getting to/from your chosen flying school, by which I dont mean distance, I mean not being stressed by the journey in time or hassle.

Regards, SD..
LooBee wrote:Good evening all.

New to the forum, have posted on another previously but this seems much more welcoming for PPLs / Students

Been itching to start training for my PPL for years and am now I'm a position where I can and am on the verge of making a start.

Narrowed down my choices to two airfields to undertake training at. One has a membership fee but does not charge landing fees, the other vice versa, no membership fees but does charge Landing fees.
Thinking about this how many home field landings am I likely to make whilst training? I know it's a bit like how long is a piece of string but curious as to how much cost I could rack up in landing fees especially doing circuits.

Thanks in advance for any help :D

Hi, I have my PPL (in France) and about 150h flight. Roughly, you are only going to land at your departure airport for the first part of your training. Only later, will you start traveling doing navigations. So for the first, maybe 30 hours, you will never go on another airfield. After your first Solo... you will start going on other airfields a bit. I don't know the fees generally in the UK, but this is a Map for France, and surrounding counties and their tax fees... Maybe such a Map made be users exist for the UK or more?

https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewe ... 250108&z=7
johnm wrote:I keep banging on about the same issue. Focus on value not cost, you want good teachers with reasonable aircraft that don't have to spend hours at the hold. After that it's all much of a muchness.

Total cost may be an issue, but that is not the same as cost per hour or whether or not you have to pay landing fees.

johnm is spot on. You MUST get on well with your instructor(s) and feel they are doing a good job for you. In the long run they will be much better value for you.

Also, and I think this is very important - while you are learning your hobby IS learning to fly. It's not some nasty thing you need to get through asap. Make sure you relax and enjoy the learning. Some of your most memorable flying experiences will happen before you are qualified - they need to be good ones.
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