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By Ppppe6
I have strobe lights (3) on my recently bought ATL, but the control unit for them is missing. I think it is a factory built system. Can anybody tell me the manufacturer and the type of this system or the control unit?
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By Genghis the Engineer
I looked a few years ago at buying a Robin ATL or two. I gave up on the idea as there seemed to be next to no product support for them.

On that basis, and assuming that nothing has improved, you may be best looking at what you can get approved as a modification. Your CAMO may be a good first port of call in that regard.

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By GrahamB
Had you thought about replacing them with LED units? Can be done under CS-STAN, the current draw will be much reduced and you don’t need a flasher unit.

Not cheap, but better than nowt.
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By johnm
Our Socata also with French origins has whelen strobes.